Donít Scratch the Top of a CD!

Written by Adam Platzer

Thatís right! Scratchingrepparttar top of a CD (the screen printed side) can be damaging torepparttar 105684 integrity ofrepparttar 105685 CD. Most people try to avoid scratches and blemishes from occurring onrepparttar 105686 bottom side ofrepparttar 105687 CD. But in reality,repparttar 105688 top isrepparttar 105689 more vulnerable side.

Hereís how it works: When a CD is manufactured plastic is formed through a injection molding process that creates tiny pits and lands which make uprepparttar 105690 data onrepparttar 105691 media. Oncerepparttar 105692 plastic CD has been molded a layer of metallic and lacquer is applied torepparttar 105693 top side in order to protectrepparttar 105694 data which is imbedded close torepparttar 105695 top ofrepparttar 105696 CD. Scratches and blemishes can penetraterepparttar 105697 thin metallic and lacquer coatings and potentially damagerepparttar 105698 media.

Sharptype (A plugin for Photoshop)

Written by Patrick Wang

As a Photoshop plug-in, Microworld Sharptype provides ultra-clear vector font output. Sharptype provides multiple rendering and enhancing modes, it currently has support of TTF and TTC font. Flexible combination of bold, italic, underlined render styles, font preview, can search additional user defined font directory other than system default, built-in character map makesrepparttar insertion for figure fonts easier. Global encoding enables us to support multiple languages inside one unique version.

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