Don’t Judge An Ebook By Its Cover

Written by Stephen Brennan

For a change, my article headline doesn’t have some sarcastic undertone or alternative meaning! I haven’t utilised some delicious pun to demonstrate a point, this time. This article is actually about what you might look for to determine a worthwhile ebook fromrepparttar tons of absolute crud that abound online.

Inrepparttar 108352 first place, of course,repparttar 108353 headline says it plain and simple. Don’t judge an ebook by its cover…literally. There is some really wonderful ‘cover creation’ software that can be got for very little. It’s good news forrepparttar 108354 ebook publisher but it also means thatrepparttar 108355 most useless and least valuable piece of rubbish can look like a million dollars inrepparttar 108356 promo’.

Generally speaking, when it comes to ebooks onrepparttar 108357 Internet, most people, especially those who would be exposed to this article, are going to be presented more often than not with non-fiction, that is, guides, tutorials and instructionals about marketing and home business or ‘how to…’ type titles.

There are many such titles available and some are quite worthwhile and of value, especially to people just beginning on their ‘online business adventure’. I am referring to these sorts of ebooks, rather than novels, which are a completely different animal and are purchased for entirely different reasons.

The ebook ‘litmus test’ is two-fold as far as I am concerned. If an author or publisher is truly confident that an ebook is worth what they ask, they will feature two important things:

The first is a ‘glimpse’ of some sort, whether it is a sample ofrepparttar 108358 ebook for download, or a few screenshots of pages, so that prospective buyers can see, prior to buying,repparttar 108359 type of information being imparted,repparttar 108360 look and style ofrepparttar 108361 ebook and features with which it is sold. This can be a bit of a dilemma for some, as there is oftenrepparttar 108362 question of how much to ‘give away’, but anyone serious about their ebook and what it offers, will find a medium. Even when it’s not much, it’s something - that is, they’re happy for you to see something BEFORE you buy.

The second is a ‘money back’ guarantee. The Internet has given us instant access to information in many forms, includingrepparttar 108363 ebook. This instant access has made it necessary for people to pay ‘up front’ for information that bears a charge. The mechanisms for this access,repparttar 108364 likes of [b]Clickbank[/b], have such transactions down to a fine art. They also have a built-in safety net inrepparttar 108365 form of their ’90 day money back guarantee’.

If you buy an ebook (or software) through Clickbank and simply change your mind, your credit card WILL be credited without question. Some authors and publishers sell directly, rather than userepparttar 108366 services of such a facility. Some offer a similar guarantee however, some people have discovered to their chagrin, that a guarantee from just anyone is not much good.

How to Protect Your Ebooks and Software from Being Stolen!

Written by Anthony Ellis

There are many systems that can lock your software or document, allowing you to control access to that file. Butrepparttar problem arises with assuming that this will stop all theft? A well thought out, thorough protection system can deter theft, but it cannot stop it 100%.

An "unbreakable" protection system simply does not, and will never exist. If someone really wants your information, they can get it, even if it takes years of work.


There is no 100% security guarantee in anything, but that's no reason to totally ignore protecting your intellectual property -- A thief can easily kick in your front door and rob your house, but you still lockrepparttar 108351 door right? Lockingrepparttar 108352 door is not 100% effective security, but we still do it. Why? Because lockingrepparttar 108353 door deters most potential theft and those who are more determined will have to work a bit to get in.


The big question here is, HOW VALUABLE IS YOUR INFORMATION TO YOU? Sensitive, proprietary or private information demands some sort of protection, otherwise transmitting overrepparttar 108354 net is not an option.

If your information is not free, then it's obviously of some importance. So, how much damage would it do to you if it were made freely available? What type of impact would it have on your sales and could you (or would you) absorb that without thinking twice?

Is a $14 Ebook worth paying for another service to protect it? Probably not, but it depends onrepparttar 108355 situation and target market. What about a $2,000 report? Doesrepparttar 108356 price changerepparttar 108357 perspective?

Business protect their property. If you believe your information or software to be of a unique or proprietary nature, you should protect that information using some means, no matter how small.

Companies like Microsoft lose hundreds of millions of dollars due to software theft and fraud, yet they continue to implement protection measures in their software. I would guess that without any protection whatsoeverrepparttar 108358 losses would be inrepparttar 108359 billions.


Like I said, there is no 100% way to prevent every possible incident, but you can make it very difficult and less likely to happen. At best what you should hope is to provide just enough security to close obvious security flaws and discourage would-be thieves. But not so much security that it discourages honest users and customers.


Here are some common protection schemes:

No Protection: Just distribute your information and hope forrepparttar 108360 best.

- Pros: No special process to access file which means less support issues

- Cons: File can be passed around, copied, distributed and/or sold without authorization fromrepparttar 108361 owner. Can't prevent access after chargeback or refund. ---

General Password Protection: Simply requiring a predetermined password to install or registerrepparttar 108362 file.

- Pros: Simple for customer or end user.

- Cons: File and password can be passed around, copied, distributed and/or sold without authorization fromrepparttar 108363 owner. Can't prevent access after chargeback or refund. ---

PC Unique Password Protection: Generates a unique password based onrepparttar 108364 User's machine.

- Pros: Can't pass aroundrepparttar 108365 file since it is basically locked to one machine.

- Cons: Requires an extra step for registration; Customer cannot move file to another PC; If their PC crashes they will need another unique password; Can't prevent access after chargeback or refund. ---

Post-Purchase Activation: Requires activation by online server. After user purchases they are entered into an online customer database. They then install and registerrepparttar 108366 file by entering their name/email or some data. The server confirmsrepparttar 108367 purchase and then activatesrepparttar 108368 software.This method is become more and more common with big name software.

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