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Choosingrepparttar right domain name can be hard. Everyone wants a .com, but allrepparttar 144498 good .com's are taken. So it comes down to compromise, when your HEAR a website's domain, that is .org or .net. You still type in .com. That is where .info and .biz come in. Most people have not heard of .info and .biz, so they are more likely to remmeber it. If you heard and two hours later you decided to go there. You would still type in .com. If you heard it is more likely to stick with you.

Domain Names - How to Choose, and Register One

Written by Michael Tee

What is a domain name?

A domain name isrepparttar address of your website and it looks like this: ( Website addresses are unique, just as your personal ID; no one else inrepparttar 144098 world can haverepparttar 144099 same ID number as you. Likewise, oncerepparttar 144100 domain name has been registered by you, no one else can register a domain name which isrepparttar 144101 same as yours.

Choosingrepparttar 144102 best domain name

The best name you can choose is always one that followsrepparttar 144103 theme of your business. Ifrepparttar 144104 theme of business is “starting your online business” then you should include words like “e-biz” or “internet” or maybe “internet business” in your domain name.

You see,repparttar 144105 best domain names out there are ones that are easily remembered. Visitors are likelier to come back if they remember your domain name. So, if you want a great domain name, choose one which is short and easy to remember. Here are some tips to choose a good domain name: The name you choose should not exceed 5 words or 20 characters and it should be easy to spell. Try making use of keywords or popular search terms whenever possible and try not to have it more than 3 – 4 words long.

Registered vs. Free

Now, it is time to decide between a free domain name and a paid one. Tell me, what would think if someone is selling a $97.00 ebook using a free domain name? A big cheapo right? Even If that person is selling a popular ebook that comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, you’ll probably wonder if he would ever returnrepparttar 144106 money if you decide to ask for a refund. Here is another point, If I were to name my business “ebizmodelsyoucancopy”, would it be much better if I registered rather than ? After all, registering your own domain would cost less than $15.00 per year. What is $15.00 a year compared to a potential loss of sales?

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