Domain registries from around the world.

Written by Clare Lawrence

Domain registries from aroundrepparttar world.

By Clare Lawrence 29th September 2003 Clare isrepparttar 108261 CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK Domain name registration service.

Do you sometimes come across exotic looking TLD's?

Ever wondered which domain name is from where?

I createdrepparttar 108262 following table out of interest. Watch out forrepparttar 108263 new .eu TLD. [ The European Union is working onrepparttar 108264 its own TLD. ]

Commercial TLD'

.aero Aviation .biz Business Organizations .com Commercial .coop Co-Operative Organisations .edu Educational .gov Government .info info TLD .int International Organisations .mil US Dept of Defense .museum Museums .name Personal .net Networks .org Organisations

Country codes:-

.ac Ascension Island .ad Andorra .ae United Arab Emirates .af Afghanistan .ag Antigua and Barbuda .ai Anguilla .al Albania .am Armenia .an Netherlands Antilles .ao Angola .aq Antarctica .ar Argentina .as American Samoa .at Austria .au Australia .aw Aruba .az Azerbaijan .ba Bosnia and Herzegovina .bb Barbados .bd Bangladesh .be Belgium .bf Burkina Faso .bg Bulgaria .bh Bahrain .bi Burundi .bj Benin .bm Bermuda .bn Brunei Darussalam .bo Bolivia .br Brazil .bs Bahamas .bt Bhutan .bv Bouvet Island .bw Botswana .by Belarus .bz Belize .ca Canada .cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands .cd Congo, Democratic republic ofrepparttar 108265 (former Zaire) .cf Central African Republic .cg Congo, Republic of .ch Switzerland .ci Côte d'Ivoire .ck Cook Islands .cl Chile .cm Cameroon .cn China .co Colombia .cr Costa Rica .cs Czechoslovakia .cu Cuba .cv Cape Verde .cx Christmas Island .cy Cyprus .cz Czech Republic .de Germany .dj Djibouti .dk Denmark .dm Dominica .do Dominican Republic .dz Algeria .ec Ecuador .ee Estonia .eg Egypt .eh Western Sahara .er Eritrea .es Spain .et Ethiopia .fi Finland .fj Fiji .fk Falkland Islands .fm Micronesia .fo Faroe Islands .fr France .ga Gabon .gd Grenada .ge Georgia .gf French Guiana .gg Guernsey .gh Ghana .gi Gibraltar .gl Greenland .gm Gambia .gn Guinea .gp Guadeloupe .gq Equatorial Guinea .gr Greece .gs South Georgia andrepparttar 108266 South Sandwich Islands .gt Guatemala .gu Guam .gw Guinea-Bissau .gy Guyana .hk Hong Kong .hm Heard and McDonald Islands .hn Honduras .hr Croatia .ht Haiti .hu Hungary .id Indonesia .ie Ireland .il Israel .im Isle of Man .in India .io British Indian Ocean Territory

Global Domain Sales

Written by Clare Lawrence

Global Domain Sales

Domain name growth 1992 – 2003 March 2003, updated December 2003 By Clare Lawrence CEO Discount Domains Ltd

Domain name growth is starting to recover, but we are a long way fromrepparttar rapid growth we saw in 1998 –2000.

I am confident thatrepparttar 108260 market for domain names will move back into a growth phase inrepparttar 108261 next two or three years time, its true thatrepparttar 108262 dot com boom was a “bubble”, but we are now seeing a maturing inrepparttar 108263 market with more businesses recognisingrepparttar 108264 value ofrepparttar 108265 web as an additional sales channel.

Domain names sales have been weighted towardsrepparttar 108266 North American and European markets, but I predict that sales of domains outside this market will berepparttar 108267 driver inrepparttar 108268 longer term, particularly as Eastern Europe andrepparttar 108269 far eastern markets recover. India and China are certain to grow strongly inrepparttar 108270 not too distant future.

The introduction ofrepparttar 108271 new .eurepparttar 108272 domain name forrepparttar 108273 European Union will also be very interesting, as this is likely to giverepparttar 108274 European domain market a boost.

Domain name registration services such as our own, offering both good value and helpful service will benefitrepparttar 108275 most. Customers don’t want to over pay for their domain name , they are however prepared to pay for support and recognise that a reasonable fee meansrepparttar 108276 registrar is likely to be around in 5 years time.

Selling domain names and web hosting is rewarding, particularly when your helpingrepparttar 108277 smaller business customer who are often less familiar withrepparttar 108278 process.

If your looking for help and advice - get in touch. We would be delighted to help you add your domain torepparttar 108279 following table!

The following showsrepparttar 108280 number of .com registered growth against time

Date .com

July 15, 2003 23,633,877 June 15, 2003 23,354,574 May 15, 2003 23,071,842 April 15 -2003 22,832,760 March 16 – 2003 22,626,562

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