Domain and website tools

Written by Clare Lawrence

Domain and website tools By Clare Lawrence 29th October 2003 Clare isrepparttar CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK Domain name registration service.

I use several tools to monitorrepparttar 108266 performance of my own websites, by regularly reviewing their progress I can see what works and what does not.

Ranking tools

Where is my listing? Want a tool that can tell you which page your site appears on by keyword?

Top25web searches domain names by keyword forrepparttar 108267 following search engines:- Google, Alta vista and inktomi, drilling down forrepparttar 108268 first 500 entries on each search engine.

How many of my websites pages are indexed? Do you have a large site? – it can be a pain usingrepparttar 108269 site: command in Google,repparttar 108270 following tells you how many of your pages are indexed in Fast, Google, Alta Vista and MSN creates a pie chart ofrepparttar 108271 % of your pages indexed in each ofrepparttar 108272 engines.

Meta – Tag analysers

Meta tags are much less important than they used to be, thoughrepparttar 108273 Title tag is still very powerful.

The following are my favourites:- - selectrepparttar 108274 website analysis option fromrepparttar 108275 left hand, this is particularly good at telling if you’ve gotrepparttar 108276 right combination of keywords in your tags and which keyword should be where. - this analyses your tags, and gives a narrative opinion – excellent beingrepparttar 108277 best rating.

Traffic statistics

Good traffic statistics are essential for your own site, but how to get information on rivals traffic?, Alexa makes use of its own database of user and converts these to a traffic ranking.

The Alexa site can be found at


Google and other search engines have problems with poor html – so cleaning uprepparttar 108278 glitches in your scrip can be helpful. The following is a good free html validator :-

Good Domain Names

Written by Clare Lawrence

Good Domain Names

By Clare Lawrence 13th September 2003 Clare isrepparttar CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK domain registrar

No matter what domain name you buy its unlikely to be worth $ millions straight away, but with some careful though and preparation you can maximise your domain names potential.

Using hyphens Almost every word inrepparttar 108265 dictionary has been registered already so its more than likely that you will have to register a combination of words. Should you buy a domain name with a hypen in it? Generally speakingrepparttar 108266 answer is no. There are several reasons why not. Describing a domain name with hyphens can be awkward. Customers have a habit of forgettingrepparttar 108267 hyphen and typing inrepparttar 108268 wrong URL. It’s a misconception that hyphens improve search engine rankings,repparttar 108269 leading search engines now concentrate on content and pay only limited attention torepparttar 108270 URL itself.

Consider a ccTLD There is no evidence that Country Code Top level domains (ccTLD’s) are treated differently by Search Engines, though there can be advantages and disadavantages if your business is regional Submitting your domain to search engines Once you have configured your domain to point to your Web site, you will need to ensure that search engines are aware of it. If they aren't, your site will receive very few visitors - even if you have managed to find a memorable, snappy domain name.

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