Domain Names Security : How safe is yours ?

Written by Teeyes Siva

The security of domain name registrations is an increasing concern for domain name registrants and registrars. However, there are steps you can take to increaserepparttar security of your domain name registrations. Domain Name Security is often neglected by most organisations. Infact a large number of hacking attempts do not really need to happen atrepparttar 108235 Web Server level. Most hackers can fairly disrupt your business by simply hijacking your Domain Name. Most Registrars assign paramount importance to Domain Security. Its important you chosoerepparttar 108236 RIGHT Registrar and who has implemented several security measures and safety locks to prevent your Domain Name from getting Hijacked or taken over.

There are basically TWO basic options offered by Registrars :

Password based Security All Domain Names have a password based security. All Domain Names belonging to a particular Customer can only be modified throughrepparttar 108237 right Username and Password combination of that customer.

Domain LOCK - this is a MUST have for all due torepparttar 108238 recently announced TRANSFER Policy by ICANN (Visit :

Several TLD Registries haverepparttar 108239 ability to create what is known as a Domain LOCK. Most Registrars offers this feature to Customers whereby you may place a LOCK on your Domain Name. Once a Domain Name is locked NO modifications can be made torepparttar 108240 Domain by ANYONE. The Domain Name may not even be transferred to another Registrar. The Domain will remain in a LOCKED status until you yourself choose to removerepparttar 108241 LOCK. This feature is by farrepparttar 108242 most powerful feature to ensure that noone can make any changes to your Domain Name without your express approval. Ok..what should you do now ?

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Written by Nate Perkins, CEO VoIP Communications

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