Domain Names 101: 3 quick questions explained

Written by Syd Johnson

1. What is a domain name?

A domain name isrepparttar name that identifies a web site. Your domain name inrepparttar 150773 online world isrepparttar 150774 equivalent of our retail name and address inrepparttar 150775 real world. It is your address because it shows customers and computers online where to find your site, store, products etc. It is your name because you can move your domain name from one web host to another at any time.

2. Who ownsrepparttar 150776 domain name? When you buy a domain name, you are actually leasingrepparttar 150777 name. It is a lease because there is no way to own a domain name forever. You pay a fee on an annual or bi-annual basis to your registrar to continue usingrepparttar 150778 name. If you stop paying your annual fees, it becomes a lapsed domain name and goes back out onrepparttar 150779 market where anyone, perhaps even your competition can purchaserepparttar 150780 domain for their use.

Note: Online traffic will followsrepparttar 150781 domain name. If you fail to renew a name, it is basically sending free traffic to another site owner.

3. Who is in charge ofrepparttar 150782 domain name system? ICANN or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority isrepparttar 150783 non profit organization in charge ofrepparttar 150784 domain name system. ICANN performs some ofrepparttar 150785 following duties to keeprepparttar 150786 domain name system running smoothly:

Approves Top Level Domain Names - .com/.biz/.edu etc ICANN is in charge of approving domain name extensions such as .biz and setting up standards such as which domain names such as .us or belong to a particular country.

Regulatesrepparttar 150787 domain name registration process and services ICANN approves registrars who are who are responsible for keeping track of registered names, billing customers, sending out renewal notices and selling top level domain names to anyone who wants one.

Signing up for a Domain Name? Consider Private Registration

Written by Paul Stefanski

A plethora of websites exists to register a domain name. Google 'register domain names' and have a fun-filled time comparing prices. Though price is definitely a consideration when choosing a domain name registrar, it is also important to find a registrar who offers private domain name registration.

Registering a domain name requires thatrepparttar name, address, email address and telephone number ofrepparttar 150688 owner be provided. For an individual this will be their home address information. A company will provide their main business address. Once this information is provided, it is accessible by anyone doing a WHOIS search.


Register privately. Private registration usually costs another $8 to $9 dollars on top ofrepparttar 150689 cost of a regular registration. A normal registration at some registrars can cost $15-$20. However, finding a registrar whererepparttar 150690 regular fee is less then $8 is relatively simple. Adding a private registration will makerepparttar 150691 total cost back inrepparttar 150692 $15-$16 range. You might as well getrepparttar 150693 most bang for your buck if you are going to shell out $15.

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