Domain Names: An Unusual and Profitable Characteristic

Written by Charles L. Harmon

Due to my other Internet activities I had relegated my hundreds of domain names to a low priority and seldom gave them much thought. The exception was for some minor research for topics to create websites for a small number of domains. Fortunately, a registrar who caters to those with many domains managed most of my names. Part of their service is providing a number of statistics on each domain name. In addition,repparttar names (URL’s) host a directory website where I can make a few cents (if I’m lucky) if visitors torepparttar 105214 website click any ofrepparttar 105215 links.

A few days ago I decided to take a quick look at some of those domains. I had a new idea for a few possible websites and wanted to see which ones were getting enough hits to warrant further consideration. As I created a report showing traffic on some of my domains I was amazed to find one of my domain names had a lot of impressions (website page views). Where normally that name had a few impressions each day it had several hundred that day along with several dollars of profit where there usually was none.

That wasrepparttar 105216 first time I had noticed such a drastic change in one of my domains in such a short period of time – one day. The previous day there wererepparttar 105217 normal few views and no money to be made from that domain name. I asked my co-worker if he heard anything inrepparttar 105218 news involving video games sincerepparttar 105219 domain name showing unusual traffic was related to video games. He said no, he had heard nothing. Since he was a thirty-something and was usually aware of such things I first thought it might be just an aberration, but it was unsettling nevertheless. As a stock and options investor, I am very familiar withrepparttar 105220 effects of news on those financial instruments so news wasrepparttar 105221 first thing to cross my mind that might changerepparttar 105222 activity on a domain name so fast.

Later that evening, right before turning off my home computer, I thought of that domain name again and took a quick glance at its statistics. Wow! There were a lot more impressions and many more dollars showed as profit off that surge of hits.

About that time my son, nineteen and an ex video game fanatic, who was in Korea (I was in Southern California), came on and sent me a message via Instant Messenger. We conversed a short while then I asked him if he had heard any news about Xbox because by then I was suspecting something big must have been said inrepparttar 105223 news related to that specific video game platform. My domain name was going wild with hits, compared to its usual half-dozen hits or less each day. He said, “Dad, I think they announced they are coming out with an Xbox 2”. Immediately I knew that was why my domain was getting so much action. It was reacting torepparttar 105224 news! Maybe even over reacting. The news had probably been released that day. I never really sawrepparttar 105225 actual news related to that announcement, but I later checked some ofrepparttar 105226 video game sites and their forums and there was lots of talk about Microsoft’s announcement related to Xbox2 to have some games created in Japan and speculation that some version or prototype of Xbox 2 would be at a well known game conventionrepparttar 105227 next week.

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Written by Andrew Hayes

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