Domain Names: A Sneaky Attempt To Take My Name

Written by Charles L. Harmon

If you have a domain name(s) that youíve registered how much thought have you given to who else might wantrepparttar name? That question crossed my mind only inrepparttar 105210 context of - do I have a name that others might like to buy or one that could potentially drive traffic to a website. I was registering many domain names. Some names I wanted to use myself, some to keep, hoping they would go up in value, and others to sell as soon as I could find a buyer. Most ofrepparttar 105211 names I had made up - until it had become difficult to think of new names that had meaning and were not very long. When that happened I started registering expired domain names.

After accumulating several hundred names I decided to take a break and pondered my next move. I didnít have to wait long. Within a week I received a notice from my registrar. It seemed a registrar in Germany had someone who was transferring one of my domain names to their account. How could they get away with that? That was my first experience of having someone steal a name from me. I had heard of such things, but experiencing them first hand is much more real.

I quickly emailed my registrar and asked what was going on and that I had not given anyone permission to take one of my names. I was told my domain had already been transferred to someone else. I gave my registrar explicit instructions to cancelrepparttar 105212 transfer, which they did immediately, and as soon as I gotrepparttar 105213 name back they placed a lock onrepparttar 105214 domain so it could not happen again.

Confident I had solvedrepparttar 105215 problem, that incident quickly left my mind, as I had a myriad of other things to do. But no - things never seem so easy, as I came to realize a couple of weeks later. I checked my email and there was an email from that same registrar, where two weeks earlier someone tried to transfer my domain name. It was a form letter in both English and German telling me they were transferring my domain name to their registry. I asked a co-worker who was German to translaterepparttar 105216 German language part. She verified that language saidrepparttar 105217 same asrepparttar 105218 English version. All my domains were locked so there was nothing I had to do.

By now I wondered how my name,*, which I made up, could be so important. I did some quick research onrepparttar 105219 Internet and found there was a company in Germany withrepparttar 105220 name ~~~~fix. It was starting to aggravate me that if someone wanted my dot com version ofrepparttar 105221 name why didnít they just make me an offer forrepparttar 105222 name. It seemed awfully suspicious that someone wanted that name so badly that they would try to transfer it when it was plainly up for sale. The directory website where that name was hosted showed a for sale notice along with a price.

Information on Domain Names

Written by Priyanka Agarwal

Itís been two years since John started his online business. He is very much satisfied with his current web host whose services he acquired one year ago. Today John is relaxing in his chair and thinking aboutrepparttar initial days when he spent many hours onrepparttar 105209 Internet collecting information related to web hosting. Like him there are many Johnís out there who are in search of information everyday, visiting this and that website hoping to findrepparttar 105210 most illuminating advice. The problem is that common topics of interest can be found on most ofrepparttar 105211 websites whereas other relevant issues are not dealt with everywhere. This article is going to touch on one of those areas: various concerns related with domain names.

What is multiple domain hosting? Many times you will see that a web host offers multiple domain hosting. In simpler words it means that on buying an account you will haverepparttar 105212 ability to get multiple websites. For instance, ifrepparttar 105213 plan provides you with five domain names, you can use one domain for your website and you will still have four domain names leftover to use. The advantage of this scenario is that you can resell these four domain names to your clients.

What is Domain Parking? If you are planning to build up a website and have decided on a name for it you then must purchase that domain name from a domain registrar: i.e. your domain name gets placed on a name server so that you can use it later on. This is known as domain parking. Even if your website content is not ready, itís better to park your desired domain name. Otherwise, it might be possible that in future somebody else acquires that particular domain name.

What are sub domains? Sub domains are Ďthird levelí domains inrepparttar 105214 sense that they are used solely to organize your website content. They are simply folders under your root directory, but to access them a special URL is used. For instance, is a regular URL without a sub domain. is an URL withrepparttar 105215 sub domain name: "features". Here the: .net: isrepparttar 105216 first level domain, m6: isrepparttar 105217 second level domain, features: isrepparttar 105218 third level domain

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