Domain Name Slamming

Written by Richard Lowe

Today I received a notice inrepparttar mail claiming that my domain name was about to expire. The letter was written in extremely alarming terms, as if my entire world would be destroyed forever if I was stupid enough to allowrepparttar 108311 name to expire. The letter made it clear that I could renew immediately and should, because ifrepparttar 108312 domain expired I would, of course, lose it and thus life as I knew it would come to a close.

Closer examination revealed thatrepparttar 108313 document was not from my domain registrar at all. In fact, it was from some company that I had never heard of before. The letter certainly looked official and important, but in reality it was just more junk mail.

Okay, first question: how had these idiots gotten my home address? Simple. As it turns out, this is a common practice among some of repparttar 108314 less ethical domain registrars. Usingrepparttar 108315 WHOIS database, they get a list of all ofrepparttar 108316 domain names about to expire, then send a letter to each address explaining this fact and offering to renew repparttar 108317 domain.

The WHOIS database is a list of each domain name that exists on repparttar 108318 internet, along withrepparttar 108319 name and address (and some other information) of each owner. This information is public knowledge, freely available to anyone.

What would have happened if I had sent a check torepparttar 108320 domain registrar to pay for a renewal? It would have been transferred to repparttar 108321 new registrar. If I had not readrepparttar 108322 letter carefully, I probably would not have realized that I was not just renewing my domain, I was transferring my domain to a new registrar.

Is Your Domain Name A Trademark Infringement?

Written by Shelley Lowery

I recently received an email from a concerned, fellow Internet business owner, asking for my opinion on an issue that could literally destroy his Internet business andrepparttar business of several other domains involved.

He had received legal notice from a prominent company, stating that he needed to relinquish his use and rights to his web site domain name because it contained three letters that infringed upon their trademark and their domain name. This same company also contacted several other Internet business owners and made similar demands.

Should a company that registers a specific trademark haverepparttar 108310 ability to destroy numerous businesses that legitimately registered domain names? Should a company that registers a trademark haverepparttar 108311 responsibility of ensuring that a domain name registration agency doesn't issue domain names that may be a trademark infringement? Or should an Internet business haverepparttar 108312 responsibility of making sure a potential name doesn't Infringe upon a registered trademark? Where does repparttar 108313 responsibility lie?

Ultimately,repparttar 108314 responsibility lies withrepparttar 108315 domain name registrant, asrepparttar 108316 trademark laws that apply inrepparttar 108317 hard copy world also apply onrepparttar 108318 Internet.

Any company that registers a trademark hasrepparttar 108319 right to protect their trademark and hasrepparttar 108320 right to notify you that your domain name is infringing upon their trademark. Why? If your domain name hasrepparttar 108321 potential of confusingrepparttar 108322 public into thinkingrepparttar 108323 trademark holder is somehow affiliated with your web site, they may bring infringement claims against you. The courts would have to makerepparttar 108324 decision based uponrepparttar 108325 trademark laws and if your domain name, in fact, hasrepparttar 108326 potential of confusingrepparttar 108327 public.

Domain name registrants can protect themselves as well. If you have a registered domain name that doesn't infringe upon any trademarks, you too may be able to register a trademark. Registering a domain name as a trademark isn't easy, but it can be done. Although you can't registerrepparttar 108328 http://www.or repparttar 108329 .com, ifrepparttar 108330 use of your name fitsrepparttar 108331 laws criteria, it can be registered. You should consult with an attorney familiar withrepparttar 108332 Internet, trademarks andrepparttar 108333 laws prior to registering your domain name as a trademark. For a complete explanation, visit:

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