Domain Name Registration - Key Tips

Written by Keith Thompson

Domain name registration is a necessary, easy, and strategically important first step in establishing an online presence, whether for business or otherwise. A well-chosen domain name registration can set you up for success with your new site in so many ways,repparttar most prominent of these being increased search engine traffic. Here's some vital elements to consider when executing your domain name registration.

A good domain name registration, particularly for an online business, (which isrepparttar 149629 main focus of this article) is easily done, but atrepparttar 149630 same time requires choices that will impact your site's effectiveness. So here, in no particular order, are some things to bear in mind when doing a domain name registration.

The extension - Will it be a .com, .net, .org, .info etc. Any of these will get spidered and indexed byrepparttar 149631 search engines, but if you can get a .com for your chosen name you'd be better off, as this extension is more common and carries an air of legitimacy with it.

Try not to have you domain name registration with your web host. The reason being that should you decide to part ways with your host, (and this isn't uncommon!) it's potentially a massive headache to move your domain as well. Split them up: you'll be glad you did!

Your domain name registration, purchased from a reputable company should run you somewhere between $1-10, depending onrepparttar 149632 extension andrepparttar 149633 amount of time you sign up for.

Six Ways To Create a Keyword-Rich Domain Name

Written by Syd Johnson

An effective domain name can help to brand your site. It can also communicate to your customersrepparttar types of products you sell online. An easy to remember domain that describes your services should berepparttar 148574 goal of every site owner. Here are some techniques that you can use to createrepparttar 148575 best domain name for your company.

Describe your products or services One way to come up with an effective domain name is to describe your product or services. Write down every word or phrase that comes to mind when you think of your product or service. The easiest way is to keep writing for two to five minutes without stopping. It’s a creative writing technique that can yield a huge cache of keywords that you can plug into any registration application until you find a domain name that fits. This technique is effective, quick and free.

English has a large vocabulary list The English language has one ofrepparttar 148576 largest vocabulary lists inrepparttar 148577 world. If you can’t find a way to describe a product or service, take a break, come back in a few minutes and try again. Try to see how many different ways you can sayrepparttar 148578 same thing. You already have access torepparttar 148579 vocabulary list and ideally you will know your product or service better than anyone else. Pretend that you’re describing it to a friend and in a few minutes you will have a long list of words that you can use as your domain name.

Most short words are taken Yes, many ofrepparttar 148580 shorter words such as “men”, “women” and “book” are taken. In today’s marketplace, you can’t rely on such generic terms to bring in traffic. An effective, memorable domain name must go beyond being a novelty to being an asset that helps customers remember your site and your product. Try putting two or three words together. This will make it easier for them to come back to your site and make a purchase.

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