Doing Business In Canada? The Quality of Your French is Key!

Written by Bruno Gingras LL.B,

Doing business in Canada often involves translating various business related documents from English to French and French to English, asrepparttar case may be. In Canada,repparttar 137218 Official Languages Act awards equal official status to English and French. As a result, various trade documents, labels and operating/instruction manuals must be provided in both languages. If you’re doing business in Quebec, The Charter ofrepparttar 137219 French language and various regulations makerepparttar 137220 use of French mandatory in various communications and business related situations. Depending on your industry orrepparttar 137221 type of work do, choosingrepparttar 137222 right translation company might turn out to be a bigger challenge than you think. Where can I find a translator who understands my business? Don’t kid yourself! Truly qualified translators are hard to find, especially for law, finance, medicine, science, engineering and most areas and industries involving any form of specialized knowledge. In many industries,repparttar 137223 single most important cause of product recall is mislabeling, often caused by inaccurate translations. Product labels hardly qualify as complex technical documents. Now, if simple labels containing at most a few lines of text are so often botched, imagine what happens to really complex documents like commercial agreements, scientific research and technical reports when they are translated byrepparttar 137224 wrong people. The translation industry is almost entirely unregulated •No special licence is required to work as a translator or operate a translation company. •Legally, anyone can offer translation services, on any subject-matter, in any language combination. •Unlike doctors, lawyers, charted accountants, actuaries and engineers, to name a few, translators are not required by law to belong to a professional order such as a Law Society, a College of Physicians or an Order of Engineers which verify qualifications and control admissions. What does it mean to be “certified”? The term "certified" is widely used by translation companies to promote their services. What does it mean? This term may be used either to describerepparttar 137225 translator orrepparttar 137226 translation itself. When used to describerepparttar 137227 translation itself, it often refers to an affidavit or other sworn statement provided by a translator to confirmrepparttar 137228 accuracy or correctness ofrepparttar 137229 translation. When translators are “certified”, it is usually through membership in an association of translators. Translators joins such associations freely and for various reasons. They are not obligated by law or statute to belong to a professional order or obtain a licence to practice their trade. Hiring a "certified" translator does not guaranteerepparttar 137230 actual quality ofrepparttar 137231 translation, especially for industry-specific and technical documents. Technical translations require specific knowledge and relevant expertise Whenrepparttar 137232 translation is legal, financial, medical, scientific or technical in nature,repparttar 137233 most qualified translator will likely be a bilingual professional, with a degree in that field or a closely related area and industry specific experience, both in English and French.

Internet Cell Phone Deals – How to Take Advantage of Them

Written by Jaye E. Seay

The internet can be a great place to buy your next cell phone. How many times have you been inrepparttar mall and were harassed by some pushy wireless telephone dealer? The internet store is a sharp contrast to this type of environment. Onrepparttar 137176 internet, you can take your time, research a particular phone, and search forrepparttar 137177 best deals. In addition to this, internet dealers generally have better cell phone deals than their brick and mortar competitors. But how do you take advantage of these better deals?

In 2004,repparttar 137178 government approved number portability. Number portability allows you to keep your cell phone number, even if you switch carriers. The implications of this are crucial for taking advantage of internet cell phone deals.

Internet dealers often offer some very innovative and high end cell phones for free after rebate. However, to receive these offers, you must also sign up for a new cell phone plan. If you want to stay with your current carrier, you must sign up for a new phone number along withrepparttar 137179 new phone plan. This is because number portability is carrier to carrier (not inter-carrier). Although you could upgrade your phone and keep your number and carrier, this would not qualify you for most internet offers. The alternative is to keep your cell phone number (through number portability) and switch carriers. However, if you choose this option, make sure that you are not under contract with your current provider or you could stand to face a hefty termination charge.

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