Doing British Things In France

Written by B A Boyle

There are plenty of “British” things to do in France but you may have to be a little more imaginative as far as entertainment goes. A nice meal with a good bottle of wine is quite straightforward, butrepparttar stylish restaurant, even if there is one near you, may not necessarily berepparttar 145403 best. Try that neat little local restaurant instead . You may be surprised to find thatrepparttar 145404 owner provides more than just a “plat de jour”. He is often a magnificent, well-trained chef who can create great dishes with fresh local produce; vegetables and herbs from his own garden, fruit from his neighbour and mushrooms fromrepparttar 145405 field, He would love to win a Michelin star but his tiny restaurant in an unfashionable locality will never be a contender. Just as well -repparttar 145406 last thing you want is an invasion of tourists or gourmets who would change this simple ambiance not to mentionrepparttar 145407 price.

If you’re slightly more gregarious why not join a club. Asrepparttar 145408 population in some small towns and villages dwindles,repparttar 145409 locals are delighted for you to swell their numbers inrepparttar 145410 yoga class, cycle runs or evenrepparttar 145411 senior citizens club. Don’t be surprised if you experiencerepparttar 145412 “hard sell”. They are likely to ignore a foreigner’s natural reticence,repparttar 145413 language barrier, and, inrepparttar 145414 case of senior citizens, protests that you are barely 50 years of age. In fact,repparttar 145415 only membership criteria seem to be that you’ve given up work. The organisers ofrepparttar 145416 old folks’ Christmas party in our village, noting our reluctance to join, offered us temporary membership forrepparttar 145417 festive season. Even though we brought downrepparttar 145418 average age considerably, we were accepted with celebrity-like status. Our fellow revellers wanted to know how we managed to look so young. Our claim that we were in fact “young” was met with cynical smiles and disbelieving shrugs. Not much of a compliment I think!. However, as with most of these “dos”repparttar 145419 meal was superb. Countless courses of food prepared byrepparttar 145420 local restaurateur were accompanied by fantastic wines to suit each delicious dish. Five hours later we were treated to a karaoke-style concert of songs fromrepparttar 145421 past. Interesting, entertaining and shamefully cheap.

In summer, a similar but faster repas can be had atrepparttar 145422 many fetes. Each village seems to have its own version of a farmer’s market, display of ancient and modern crafts and often, a wonderfully British thing,repparttar 145423 car boot sale. For two hours at lunchtime though activities cease so that you may joinrepparttar 145424 stall holders and regulars for a fantastic mini banquet served to hungry crowds on trestle tables. If you haven’t booked beforehand, you may have to settle for beer and a sandwich inrepparttar 145425 bar with other disappointed visitors.

Of course, there are other British things to do in France. Do you remember week-ends inrepparttar 145426 UK? If you’re still addicted to visits torepparttar 145427 DIY store then nobody here will prevent you from continuing, except that is, on Sunday, when all such shops are closed, oh, and sometimes on a Monday too. However, you will be pleased to read that more and more retail parks are springing up everywhere and with themrepparttar 145428 number of B&Q look-alikes. If you have satellite TV you can still watchrepparttar 145429 house makeover programmes and then spendrepparttar 145430 rest of those lovely sunny days painting your walls magnolia, sticking on paper borders or laying a laminate wooden floor. Remember though, it will be impossible to impress your French neighbours when their own floors are solid wood parquet andrepparttar 145431 most fashionable décor is still to paper walls, ceiling and even doors inrepparttar 145432 same garishly patterned paper.

Discover Norton Simon Museum In Pasadena California

Written by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.

The Norton Simon Museum sits on 9.5 acres, is housed in an 85,000 squrare foot structure and is located inrepparttar beautiful city of Pasadena, California at 411 W. Colorado Blvd. right acrossrepparttar 145402 street from whererepparttar 145403 television cameras are set up every year forrepparttar 145404 Rose Parade. Therefore millions of people viewrepparttar 145405 front ofrepparttar 145406 museum each year as they watchrepparttar 145407 Rose Parade. What most of these viewers do not know is that "The Norton Simon Museum of Art holds one ofrepparttar 145408 world's finest and most prestigious private collections of European, American and Asian art."

The collection, which includes works by van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, Rodin and Fragonard consists of over 1,000 works, including paintings, etchings (by Rembrandt, Goya, etc.), sculptures, photographs (Ansel Adams) and other mediums spanning a period of over 2,000 years. The museum also hosts lectures, gallery talks, family programs, musical performances, dance performances, films and tours.

The museum provides both private tours and monthly free public tours of their collection conducted by Museum Educators.

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