Dogs are Heroes

Written by Rex Ryan

Heroism and courage are probablyrepparttar most profound traits that endear dogs so deeply intorepparttar 125762 hearts and minds of mankind. Every day, humans all overrepparttar 125763 world are rescued by heroic dogs, often at great risk torepparttar 125764 dogís life. No other animal demonstrates this type of courage and devotion. The eagerness some dogs show to selflessly put their masterís safety above their own is a unique inter-species relationship found only between man and dog. Consideringrepparttar 125765 countless daily examples of dogs saving their masterís lives, itís no wonder that mankind feels so grateful for this unique relationship.

Nobody knows how many lives were saved by dogs inrepparttar 125766 massive Tsunami of December 2004. But 7-year old Dinakaran of Chinnalapet, India knows that he would not be here today were it not forrepparttar 125767 heroism of his dog, Selvakumar. Recognizing that Dinakaran was unable to escaperepparttar 125768 waves, his small yellow dog grabbed him byrepparttar 125769 collar of his shirt and dragged him to safety. Dinakaranís mother thought her son was lost until she found him rescued byrepparttar 125770 family pet.

In early December, 16-year old Robert Bainbridge lay unconscious inrepparttar 125771 chilly England air after being beaten by a gang of thugs. His loyal dog Tyson found him, and cuddled up next to him Ė refusing to leave his side. A search party including a helicopter looked forrepparttar 125772 missing teenager. Robert was eventually found by his Dad, after his dog Tyson heardrepparttar 125773 fatherís voice calling from a car, and led him torepparttar 125774 unconscious boy. Tyson cuddled byrepparttar 125775 unconscious boyís side for five hours, keeping him warm. Abandoned as a puppy, Tyson is now a hero torepparttar 125776 Bainbridge family. According torepparttar 125777 doctors, Robert would not have survived if he had been left on his own, and without Tysonís body heat.

Is Dog Obedience School for You?

Written by Tina Spriggs

Are you thinking about dog obedience school? Do you know what to expect out of it? Do you know what it costs or where to find a good school?

If not, let me help take out some ofrepparttar mystery of finding one to make sure you and your dog getrepparttar 125761 best experience you can.

If you have searchedrepparttar 125762 web in this topic, you probably found some sites that are basically search engines within search engines, no real information about dog obedience schools. Or you might have found some obedience schools that were onrepparttar 125763 other side ofrepparttar 125764 country. Needless to say, neither one was of much use.

Chances are you have a dog obedience school of some sort in your town, unless you've got a population of less than 20,000. In that event, you might need to opt for dog training videos or books, and I will go over some good resources for that later.

The first thing I want you to do is look for someone with proven experience. You can start inrepparttar 125765 yellow pages and look under "Dog Training" as opposed to "dog obedience school."

Ask a LOT of questions. These people are going to be moldingrepparttar 125766 mind of your impressionable pup and you want to know that it's a good fit.

Ask things like:

What willrepparttar 125767 dog be taught? What isrepparttar 125768 success rate? What happens if you're not satisfied Will you be taught how to continue with your dogs new training? What are their methods of correction whenrepparttar 125769 dog disobeys? Visitrepparttar 125770 facility too. Check it out. Meetrepparttar 125771 trainers and see how they act with people and dogs.

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