Dog Health Insurance Buyer's Guide

Written by Joel Walsh

Should you seriously consider buying a dog health insurance policy? Yes, you should. Here's why health insurance for dogs is a good idea:

Dog health insurance saves you money.

As with just about all other costs, veterinary expenses have increased rapidly in recent years. Without dog medical insurance (or more accurately, veterinary insurance), you are responsible for paying for everything: routine checkups, preventive procedures, emergency care and disease treatments. That will run into hundreds of dollars. Why not get some help?

Dog Health Insurance: Quick Cost Facts

• Health insurance for your dog, like health insurance for yourself, has annual premiums and deductibles.

• Pet insurance premiums depend onrepparttar breed of your dog andrepparttar 150910 type of policy you decide upon. If you have more than one dog, there is usually a reduced rate afterrepparttar 150911 first policy. Dog health insurance deductibles can vary as well. The average annual deductible is about $100.

• You may choose among different coverage plans which are based on your dog’s age, breed, and pre-existing medical conditions. Some policies even considerrepparttar 150912 dog’s lifestyle; for instance, whether your dog is purely a pet or a watchdog, too.

Health Insurance for Dogs: Quick Coverage Facts

• Dog insurance healthcare plans can vary greatly. Some canine health plans are quite comprehensive, covering annual checkups, routine care, vaccinations and other preventive medications, and spaying/neutering, as well as illnesses and accidents. Others only cover unexpected sickness or injuries.

Three Important Safety Products for your Dog this Summer

Written by Nicole Martins

Keeping your dog safe is similar to keeping a child safe, you need to constantly be on alert. There are certain dangers a dog faces, especially in urban and suburban settings whererepparttar risk of running away and getting hit by a car poses a serious threat. Keeping your pooch protected on your property even when you’re not there to supervise, or keeping your dog from running off and becoming injured when playing around off leash, is reason enough to look for practical solutions. Below are three products that can help you and your companion enjoy some freedom while being safe!

Water Alarm

This product is designed to alert you should your dog enterrepparttar 150867 pool. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, my dog’s a great swimmer. And I’m sure he is. Butrepparttar 150868 reality is dogs drown in swimming pools, simply because they can’t findrepparttar 150869 stairs. To keep your pooch safe this summer, look intorepparttar 150870 Safety Turtle Water Safety Alarm, or a similar product. This particular product works by attachingrepparttar 150871 Turtle to your pet’s collar: an alarm will sound at a base station inrepparttar 150872 houserepparttar 150873 moment he jumps in.


There are numerous wireless pet fence manufacturers to choose from: Innotek and Petsafe are 2 very good brands. This form of containment makes it possible for you to create invisible boundaries on your property, so that your dog doesn’t run off. How does it work?

A transmitter (usually housed inrepparttar 150874 garage or basement) sends a radio signal through a concealed wire buried alongrepparttar 150875 perimeter ofrepparttar 150876 "fenced in" area. Your dog wears a special collar with a receiver that alerts him with a warning tone when he’s approachingrepparttar 150877 edge ofrepparttar 150878 safe area, followed by a minor shock if he gets too close. Additional training, usually 7 – 14 days, is necessary to assist your dog in understanding and learningrepparttar 150879 boundaries ofrepparttar 150880 fence.

It is important to note that while invisible fences work well with most dogs, they are not 100 % effective, especially if your dog is older, stubborn and not well trained. If you think this might berepparttar 150881 case with your pet and you want to try this product, make sure you are on guard for a reasonable trial period to make sure your dog doesn’t figure out he can ‘jump’repparttar 150882 fence and run off.

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