Dog Health Emergencies: What Will You Do?

Written by Joel Walsh

Sure, you may be a master of human First Aid. But do you know what to do in a dog health emergency?

Approaching Dog Health Emergencies: Two Steps

1. In any dog health emergency, stay calm and think.

2. Approachrepparttar dog cautiously. The dog may become aggressive because of fear or pain. You canít helprepparttar 151171 dog if youíre hurt yourself.

Dog Emergency 1: Traffic Accident:

1. If possible, do not moverepparttar 151172 dog.

2. Callrepparttar 151173 nearest Humane Society or ASPCA office.

3. Ifrepparttar 151174 animal workers canít or wonít come and you must moverepparttar 151175 dog, slide a blanket underrepparttar 151176 animal. Liftrepparttar 151177 animal to safety withrepparttar 151178 help of another person.

4. Check for a heartbeat and bleeding. Try to stoprepparttar 151179 excessive loss of blood by holding a clean cloth or pad overrepparttar 151180 wound and securing it tightly with a makeshift bandage.

5. Takerepparttar 151181 dog torepparttar 151182 nearest vet, calling ahead to prepare them forrepparttar 151183 emergency.

Dog Heathcare Emergency 2: Burns

1. Immerserepparttar 151184 burned body part in cold running water for as long as possible.

2. Ifrepparttar 151185 burn is from a caustic substance, wash it off.

3. Callrepparttar 151186 vet.

Canine Health Emergency 3: Heat stroke

Warning signs: The dog is overheated and without sufficient air. The dog might be panting, vomiting, frothing atrepparttar 151187 mouth, or already collapsed.

1. Removerepparttar 151188 froth,

2. Place or douserepparttar 151189 dog with cold water to lower body temperature.

3. Takerepparttar 151190 dog immediately torepparttar 151191 veterinarian for treatment. Treatment usually consists of more cold water, drugs and observation.

Emergency 4: Dog Poisoning

Warning signs: Look for muscular twitching, vomiting, bleeding, convulsion or collapse.

Are we really a nation of dog lovers?

Written by paul green

I am not talking about your average pooch, I am talking aboutrepparttar most obedient, loyal, loving, and trusting animal I know,repparttar 151046 racing greyhound.This breed of dog isrepparttar 151047 most discarded of all breeds of dog, especially before, during and after their racing days. Being an owner for many years and then a trainer of racing greyhounds I have seen both worlds and have now decided, to give up and just try and look after my 14 greyhounds that are now pets. They are wonderful creatures and all greyhounds deserve better. I am out of work atrepparttar 151048 moment but I will do everything I can do to give these animals a home. The reason I gave up was because I could not sit around and watch what I call sheer cruelty. I have seen an awful lot of perfectly healthy animals put to sleep basically due to injures, too old for racing or just not fast enough and have outlived there sell by date. The owners and trainers of this small minority are gutless and only one thing rules them, money.These are truly wonderful creatures and a loving home is all they need, sadly thousands of these animals never get that far. It

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