Dog Crate Buyer's Guide- How to choose the right crate and accessories

Written by A. Grignard

Why use a crate:

When used properly and not abused, crates arerepparttar fastest and most humane method of housebreaking dogs. Dogs are den animals that will instinctively seek out a small, cozy place to rest for shelter and security. Crates act on a dog's instinct to keep its den clean and unsoiled. Keeping your dog in a crate teaches him to "hold it" until he can go in an appropriate place, which helps your puppy develop his bladder control. For older dogs, crates act as a "bedroom" where they can relax and escaperepparttar 139924 hustle and bustle of kids, other pets, and everyday family life. Also, it's never too late to crate train! A crate can help break bad habits that improperly trained dogs may have developed overrepparttar 139925 years.

Plastic or metal?

Plastic kennels are good for travel, and are generallyrepparttar 139926 only method of containment permitted by airlines. Metal wire dog crates are ideal for home use, however. They are generally roomier and more open. They're also sturdier, so they will stand up to your pet's movement/ activity and be able to last as your dog's permanent bedroom.

What size?

A crate should only be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down. Ifrepparttar 139927 crate is too big, your puppy will have enough room to soil one side and sleep inrepparttar 139928 other, which defeatsrepparttar 139929 purpose ofrepparttar 139930 crate. Buy a crate large enough to accommodate your dog's full-grown size and get a divider panel. This way, you can keeprepparttar 139931 one crate and have it "grow" along with your dog.

Avoiding A Traumatic Experience

Written by Thaddeus Collins

Taking simple steps to protect our families from going throughrepparttar “TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE OF HAVING A LOST PET” can be as easy as registering your pet with an online service like RecoveryPets.Com. The services provided by this company includes registeringrepparttar 139776 pet by name, a description, a photograph ofrepparttar 139777 pet, along with up to ten contact phone numbers or email addresses ofrepparttar 139778 pets owner. Plus, a pet tag that never becomes obsolete and contact information that can be updated FREE forrepparttar 139779 life ofrepparttar 139780 pet.

Each year millions of pets are reported lost or found, but a vast majority of these family members are never reunited with

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