Dog/Canine Diabetes

Written by Matthew Seigneur

What is canine diabetes?

Canine diabetes is a condition where there is a deficiency ofrepparttar hormone insulin or maybe insensitivity to it. Insiderepparttar 125778 islet cells ofrepparttar 125779 pancreas insulin is produced.

Insulin is usually responsible for controllingrepparttar 125780 body’s main fuel, glucose. Insulin does this by preventingrepparttar 125781 glucose production inrepparttar 125782 liver and it also ensures that glucose that is taken in from food that is in excess is put into body stores.

In a dog that has canine diabetes, they do not have enough insulin to turn offrepparttar 125783 glucose production byrepparttar 125784 liver or to store it efficiently.

What this means is thatrepparttar 125785 glucose rises and will exceed a level in whichrepparttar 125786 kidneys letrepparttar 125787 glucose intorepparttar 125788 urine. This will causerepparttar 125789 need to urinate more frequently. What arerepparttar 125790 signs of canine diabetes?

Excessive urination is one ofrepparttar 125791 first signs you will notice, with alsorepparttar 125792 intake of more water. Dog with canine diabetes also tend to lose weight because they breakdown stores of fat and protein in order to make glucose and ketones inrepparttar 125793 liver.

Other signs may include cataracts, increased appetite, decrease in activity, and recurring infections.

Dog Medecine

Written by Matthew Seigneur

Dog Medecines

Fleas and Ticks

All dogs may at times have a few fleas, which usually is not much of a problem. But, in some cases your dog may be allergic to flea saliva, which will cause a skin allergic reaction to even just one bite. Also, ticks can be a major problem, in some areas. From ticks your dog may contract tapeworm infestation or Lyme disease.

Some products that can help control flea and tick infestations:

Frontline Plus – Each tube contains fipronil and S-Methoprene which kills flea eggs and their larvae. This is one ofrepparttar best products onrepparttar 125777 market to fightrepparttar 125778 infestation of fleas and ticks. Be sure to use this product as described. This product can make some dogs sick if they ingestrepparttar 125779 medicine.

Advantage – This product works extremely fast on relievingrepparttar 125780 flea infestation. It works by stoppingrepparttar 125781 life cycle before it begins by killingrepparttar 125782 fleas before they have time to lay eggs. Advantage is water-resistant, so you can give your dog baths and know he is still protected against fleas and ticks. The active ingredient is imidacloprid. As with Frontline Plus readrepparttar 125783 directions and apply correctly; can make some dogs sick if ingested.

Bacterial Infection

To help heal and prevent skin infections from scrapes or dermatitis and also to reduce fungal growth use topical treatments. You can find Antibacterial topicals in all kinds of forms. There are ointments, shampoos, and sprays. Any type will help as long as it has hydrocortisone.

Some products that can help control bacterial infections:

Septi-Clens Antibacterial Topicals – This product helps to heal skin irritations and minor cuts and also prevents them from becoming infected. As with all medicine please readrepparttar 125784 directions. You may want to coverrepparttar 125785 area where applied with a bandage to prevent ingesting.

Antibacterial Deodorizing Shampoo by Eight In One – This is a great product! You can give your dog a bath and help fight against infection. This shampoo is gentle to your dog’s skin and has added ingredients against infection.

For Worms Your dog can become a victim of several types of internal parasites usually known as worms. Roundworms arerepparttar 125786 most common in puppies. Tapeworms can become a big problem when your dog has a high flea infestation. Treatment for worms usually comes in a pill form that will rid your dog of these parasites.

Some products that can help control gastrointestinal worms:

Drontal suspension isrepparttar 125787 most recommended by vets. This product will help control roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. It is best for puppies and small dogs. The active ingredients are febantel and pyrantel embonate. As with any medication watch your dog for any signs that he might be allergic torepparttar 125788 medication. If his appetite changes or you notice a change in his bathroom habits, please contact your vet.

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