Dog/Canine Arthritis

Written by Matthew Seigneur

Arthritis in canines is just as common as it is in humans. The type of arthritis associated with dogs is osteoarthritis which is caused byrepparttar degradation ofrepparttar 125774 cartilage within a joint.

Cartilage is what keepsrepparttar 125775 bones in a joint from rubbing together. Asrepparttar 125776 cartilage breaks down it causesrepparttar 125777 function ofrepparttar 125778 joint to reduce causing pain and stiffness.

Inrepparttar 125779 beginning canine arthritis is uncomfortable, but in severe cases it causes extreme pain asrepparttar 125780 bones are rubbing directly against each other.

Signs to watch for are favoring a certain limb repeatedly, trouble when sitting or standing, not as active, stiffness in their joints, reluctance to run or jump, and lethargy. There is no cure for canine arthritis yet, but there are several good treatments.

Pain relieving lotions are one ofrepparttar 125781 safest and best ways to ease your dogs pain associated with canine arthritis. Your vet may prescribe some medicine for swelling and discomfort.

Dogs - Man's Best Friend

Written by Keith Kingston

Dogs have been known as man's best friend for decades. Owning a dog can be a positive, enjoyable experience forrepparttar entire family. Keep in mind however, thatrepparttar 125773 decision to own a dog is an important one that should not be taken lightly. A dog is not just a fun diversion or entertaining gift. Owning a dog requires a commitment from you that will lastrepparttar 125774 lifetime ofrepparttar 125775 dog. The responsibilities of owning a dog andrepparttar 125776 joys of owning a dog hold an equal place of importance. If you are considering bringing a dog into your family, here are some important considerations for you to keep in mind.

A dog is an important member ofrepparttar 125777 family. If you live in a city, you will need to devote a lot of time to walkingrepparttar 125778 dog, ensuring thatrepparttar 125779 dog gets plenty of exercise and fresh air, and you will most likely be taking your dog along on family excursions and trips. If you live in a country setting, you will need to ensurerepparttar 125780 safety of your dog and protectrepparttar 125781 dog fromrepparttar 125782 hazards that come from a rural setting. Holidays and special occasions will includerepparttar 125783 dog and you may even find yourself includingrepparttar 125784 dog in family portraits and gift giving occasions.

Dogs bring companionship and joy to any family. The time and effort you spend caring for your dog will be returned to you inrepparttar 125785 form ofrepparttar 125786 lifelong loyalty and friendship that you will receive from your dog. The dog will provide you with a friend to talk to, be an entertaining companion, and can also provide a sense of security and protection for your family. Individuals who are confined to their home orrepparttar 125787 elderly will find great joy in owning a dog andrepparttar 125788 problem of loneliness will be greatly reduced.

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