Doesn't Have A Clue

Written by Bob Osgoodby

This is a real life story, so bear with me as I give some background information.

We have a "free ad" section at our web site where people can place a free ad for their business. Ads are submitted weekly and published onrepparttar web. Now, to place an ad, someone has to visit our web site and fill out a form containing their email address andrepparttar 101212 copy ofrepparttar 101213 ad. We try to make it as easy as possible, butrepparttar 101214 bottom line is many people are not serious, and don't have a clue as to how to run a business onrepparttar 101215 web.

Whenrepparttar 101216 ads are received, we send an automatic response torepparttar 101217 person who sent it. Perhaps one out of ten has an incorrect email address andrepparttar 101218 response is returned as undeliverable. What a waste of time.

How do these people think that people can respond to their ad if their email address is incorrect?

Going through our archives, I found some real gems - what do you think about these offers?

"Join our MLM and earn beg income". This is either a typo or they are promising very little inrepparttar 101219 way of earnings. This person obviously didn't proof their copy before submittingrepparttar 101220 ad.

Another ad promised huge earnings, but gave no contact information. Not a web site URL or an email address to be found. Guess they figure it is so powerful an offer, we will find them - another waste of time.

"Make Money! Turn $10 into $40,000 CASH like I did" - but wait - this guy is using a free email account. If he's making all that money, wouldn't you think he could afford one for ten bucks a month - maybe he is saving all those $10 bills so he can earn $40,000 CASH with each one.

"You can make 500% Profit without investing any money" - need I say more!

Great Copy Brings Sales

Written by Bob Osgoodby

If you have great copy for your ads, you are most likely doing a respectable amount of business onrepparttar web. All great copy has certain things in common.

First, and foremost it has no spelling or grammatical errors. Nothing turns a prospect off faster than these types of mistakes. In addition to running all your work through a good spelling and grammar checker, having someone else carefully read what you have written is also a good idea.

Use short ads of two or three sentences with meaningful headings. Most people won't read lengthy online ads. In longer ads, such as on a web site,repparttar 101211 use of bulleted lists, which gives an overview of key points is effective, and will makerepparttar 101212 copy more readable.

If you are advertising on a web site, there are other conventions you should follow. If it is an ad, it should also be short, and followrepparttar 101213 rules above. If however, someone who has read your ad, is coming to your web site for more information, it should not leaverepparttar 101214 person reading it with questions that are not answered there.

Never, and that is a very long time, use images that take too long to load. If you do,repparttar 101215 odds are you have just lost a customer. The text should be easy onrepparttar 101216 eyes and forgetrepparttar 101217 cute background and text combinations. Dark blue on a black background is simply too difficult to read.

A white background with black text is stillrepparttar 101218 best choice, however dark text on a light background is also acceptable. Using an image for a background is a mistake, and will take away fromrepparttar 101219 effectiveness of your presentation.

All caps, either in an ezine ad or on a web page, should be avoided. They are very difficult to read and most people won't. Also, forgetrepparttar 101220 fancy fonts. Arial and Times Roman are both very legible onscreen and if printed give a high quality copy. A fixed-width font such as Courier isrepparttar 101221 preferred font for email ads.

While many publications use indents to start each paragraph, a blank line separating them is friendlier torepparttar 101222 reader. Their use quickly letsrepparttar 101223 reader jump from one to another. It is also a good idea to have paragraph headings, which lead in torepparttar 101224 next paragraph. Many people scan these headings, and if they don't get their attention, they skip torepparttar 101225 next. Obviously then,repparttar 101226 paragraph headings are extremely important.

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