Does your website need an IP Address?? Does it really matter?

Written by Domenic Macchione

A Web site hosted with a "dedicated IP" never changes location. The advantages of having a dedicated IP number is that dedicated IP's tend to lend themselves much better to advanced web development, they are much easier to work with and they are more compatible with server side applications. So why donít all hosting companies offer all their customers a dedicated IP? There are numerous reasons ranging from cost torepparttar availability of IP addresses. In reality this is a hotly debated topic that no one can prove which is better, or in reality;repparttar 131521 battle is are dedicated IPís per website better forrepparttar 131522 owner of that domain and his web presence then a shared IP environment. This in my opinion, isrepparttar 131523 real question.

I like to break things down in real laymen terms and forget all about SEO optimization jargon; IT terms etc and letís examine at it fromrepparttar 131524 point of physical street address.

Shared IPís is like an apartment building where you can have one address i.e. first Avenue but then have 1000 apartment numbers. The mail and people show up torepparttar 131525 front door andrepparttar 131526 gatekeeper lets them in and points them inrepparttar 131527 right direction. The people usually findrepparttar 131528 right apartment. A Dedicated IP per website is like living in a single detached house and your address is 3 First Avenue Ė The people knock onrepparttar 131529 door you answer Ė faster and less chance of something going wrong. The search engines ďBOTSĒ as they are called come and knock on doors, read and examine you site, determine how many people want your site, look at certain content etc and then leave and compilerepparttar 131530 information for their search engines. Do they penalize a website for being in an apartment building? More than likely NO! Now do you want to be in that apartment building if you neighbour is a spam artist, or do you want to be in that apartment ifrepparttar 131531 people above you a running a high volume mail order business? Sometime you need to wait forrepparttar 131532 elevator to come get down to leave or your customers waiting atrepparttar 131533 front door because of you neighbour high use ofrepparttar 131534 front entrance.

How to create an RSS feed

Written by Allan Burns

How to create an RSS feed

An RSS news feed can be used to communicate with your target audience. It is an ideal means of notifying people of new content on your website withoutrepparttar need for them to keep on visiting your site. You can send newsletters to your readership without having to use email and risk being accused of spamming. You will be comfortable inrepparttar 131519 knowledge that people who request your feed are actually interested in it because they have actively subscribed to it. This article will explain just how to create your own RSS news feed.

There are a couple of ways to create an RSS file, you can use an editor designed forrepparttar 131520 purpose or you can create a file using a simple text editor. The latter will require you to learn some XML whilstrepparttar 131521 former will dorepparttar 131522 hard part for you. First off I will describe an RSS file, there are several versions and I will be showing you version 2.0,repparttar 131523 latest RSS version.

An RSS file looks just like an HTML file except it has different tags andrepparttar 131524 files end in .rss or .xml rather than .html. The file is made up of header information and item information,repparttar 131525 item information containsrepparttar 131526 actual news items.

The first section ofrepparttar 131527 file containsrepparttar 131528 header information. This states thatrepparttar 131529 file is XML and which version,repparttar 131530 encoding used andrepparttar 131531 version of RSS that you are using. This part ofrepparttar 131532 file is mandatory. Next up isrepparttar 131533 channel tag, this enclosesrepparttar 131534 whole ofrepparttar 131535 rest ofrepparttar 131536 file. This is followed by a title, description and link which explainrepparttar 131537 whatrepparttar 131538 feed is about and what website it is associated with. The final part ofrepparttar 131539 header isrepparttar 131540 optional image information. If you use thisrepparttar 131541 software that is used to parse or read your file can display a small picture such as a logo.

The Widget news feed

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