Does your child need a bedtime routine? - Yes!

Written by Susanne Myers

Do you struggle to get your child to bed at night? We sure did with our daughter. She would refuse to go to sleep in her bed and wanted to hang out with us until we were ready for bed and of course then she would want to sleep in Mamaís and Daddyís bed.

That all changed when we finally sat down and established a bedtime routine. It helped our daughter establish healthy sleeping habits and got us back into ours. On top of it, we now have a little time to ourselves at night.

Maybe you have heard on TV or read in a parenting magazine that your child needs a bedtime routine. Or you are just plain tired of having to run to her room 20 times before she finally dozes off. For whatever reason you decided itís time to start setting up a bedtime routine. Where do you go from here? Obviously you are not going to change your childís habits from one day torepparttar next. Consistency is going to be key, which is why we started by drawing up a basic little plan.

Take out a pen and a piece of paper and jot downrepparttar 142150 following:

How much sleep does your child need What time does he/ she need to get up inrepparttar 142151 morning What are his/her favorite calm activities (reading a book, taking a bath, cuddling with you, talking about your day, going for a stroll throughrepparttar 142152 yard, putting on pjís) From this list, come up with an action plan. Figure out when you need to put your child to bed to make sure she gets enough sleep. This will be your final goal. What time does she go to bed now? Plan on moving her bedtime back about 30 minutes every few days to give her some time to adjust in between.

Pick a few of her favorite calm activities and spend about 30 to 40 minutes on those while also getting her in her pjís, teeth brushed and off to bed.

Expect some initial resistance torepparttar 142153 new routine. Kids can be pretty creative when it comes to excuses why they canít possibly go to sleep just yet. My little sister once insisted that her doll just had to blow her nose. Try to anticipate those excuses and last minute requests and make them part ofrepparttar 142154 bedtime routine. If you know your child is going to ask for a sip of water, keep a glass on her night table. Make other requests part of your bedtime routine. If she usually asks to say goodnight torepparttar 142155 family pet, have her do that before you put her in her PJís and tuck her in.

How to keep your kids busy if you really need to get some work done!

Written by Susanne Myers

We all got into this withrepparttar image in your head of us sitting on a computer, or talking onrepparttar 142127 phone, while our little ones are happily and quietly play with their toys under our desks. That may happen every once in a blue moon, but usually, when you really need to get something done, your kids all of a sudden demand your undivided attention. Here are a few ideas on what to do with your kids when you really need to get something done.

1) Trade play-dates with other moms in your area. One afternoonrepparttar 142128 kids play at your house,repparttar 142129 next at hers. You getrepparttar 142130 idea. Not only does this help you out onrepparttar 142131 days that they are at someone elseís house, but also on days that they are at yours. Youíll be amazed at how much more you get done, when they are keeping each other company.

2) Check withrepparttar 142132 churches and daycare centers in your area. Some of them provide a mother day off program once a week. You can leave your child in a safe place for a few hours, while you run some errands, work on a deadline or make your important calls without interruption.

3) Create a stash of toys and movies that you only bring out in work emergency. Since these are new to your child, it should buy you at least a little uninterrupted work-time.

4) Create a play area within sight of your work area. Youíll get a lot more done if you donít have to jump up and run allrepparttar 142133 time to make sure your kids are fine.

5) Kids love to help and imitate you. Create a little work area for them. A small table and chair next to yours can be their desk. You may want to keep some paper and crayons handy. If they have a leap-pad or one ofrepparttar 142134 toy laptops, keep it at their desk and they can come to work with mommy.

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