Does the home run chase mean anything anymore?

Written by John Onan

The year of 1998 was a banner year for Major League Baseball. It wasrepparttar year whererepparttar 150541 fans returned and embraced Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa's chase of Roger Maris' single season homerun record that had stood for 37 years. It wasrepparttar 150542 savior ofrepparttar 150543 game atrepparttar 150544 time, but 7 years later, that chase "exposed" baseball asrepparttar 150545 game of performance enhancing substances (steroids).

Last night, Sammy Sosa (finally) hit a home run. That two run shot put him ahead of Mark McGwire onrepparttar 150546 homerun run list at 584, which moved him into sole possesion of sixth place all-time. And while this is going on, rumors are still swirling aboutrepparttar 150547 possible return of Barry Bonds next month, who is only 11 HR's behind Babe Ruth and 52 away from Hank Aaron's record of 755. And now, with Victor Conte pleading guilty in court on steroid charges, looks like Bonds is now free to spout his innocence some more, and playrepparttar 150548 victim role ( who else has pushed you offrepparttar 150549 bridge, Barry??)

The question I ask you is, " Does anybody

Do You Know These Benefits Of Golf Schools ?

Written by Bud Bradley

Benefits of Golf Schools are many particularly forrepparttar beginners who want to learn and excel in this sport. A number of Golf Schools and training institutes are available all around.

The real benefit ofrepparttar 150427 Golf Schools will be possible if they cover all aspects ofrepparttar 150428 game right from teachingrepparttar 150429 proper swing plane to adding flexibility and building muscles.

To get best from Golf school, one should chooserepparttar 150430 right training aid. It may be a good idea to consult a pro and discuss your needs and find out what aid would be suitable for you.

Possible Benefits

Golf schools claim high aboutrepparttar 150431 benefits, but one should be intelligent enough to judge what benefits are available and how much can he really benefit by joiningrepparttar 150432 school. Most ofrepparttar 150433 Golf Schools aim at providingrepparttar 150434 best possible facilities and make it tailored to your specific needs. There are some schools that impart specialization in certain areas but most of them cover full range of golfing skills and ailments. Some possible benefits could be if:

1. The school has excellent facilities so that one can learn withrepparttar 150435 latest aids.

2. The Golf course should be of international standard, so that one can quickly train him/herself to participate in good tournaments.

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