Does the Color of your Website Influence Your Marketability?

Written by Charlene Rashkow

We've all readrepparttar countless publications about effective web site design, outstanding written content andrepparttar 148918 never ending need for search engine optimization, yet oftenrepparttar 148919 importance of color one chooses for his or her web site is overlooked.

It is a proven fact that physical changes take place when individuals are exposed to certain colors. Because colors haverepparttar 148920 power to stimulate, excite, or even depress, specific color combinations can possibly work to your advantage or to your detriment. Have you considered whether your web site color is sendingrepparttar 148921 wrong message?

While we all have our own color preferences, when it comes to a web site, you may have to abandon your favorite color and consider what draws a person's eye, what feels comfortable and inviting.

Of course color preferences can vary. To one personrepparttar 148922 color yellow represents brightness while to another,repparttar 148923 yellow color seems repugnant. But no matter how you look at it, colors makerepparttar 148924 difference. Whether you are selling a product, offering a service or promoting a new business, your web site is your primary advertisement onrepparttar 148925 Internet. Therefore your job is to make everything about your site as inviting as you make your home. After all, this is how you represent yourself to millions of viewers. And just as you want people to feel at home and at ease when visiting your house, you want visitors to feelrepparttar 148926 same level of receptivity when visiting your online presence. So How Can You Be Sure Of The Right Color For Your Web Site?

1. Have you ever noticed that on some days you feel more vibrant and alive simply byrepparttar 148927 color ofrepparttar 148928 clothing you're wearing? The color actually influences your mood. The same holds true of your web site. Based onrepparttar 148929 colors selected, it either comes across as vibrant, relaxing or depressing.

2. Visually, some colors elicit feelings of excitement, serenity, joyfulness, and even distress. Pay attention to what feelings are evoked when seeing a particular color, and then applyrepparttar 148930 same principle to your web site. 3. Do you think that people buy more often when they see a certain color? The truth ofrepparttar 148931 matter is that when used correctly, you can encourage more buying and selling power when usingrepparttar 148932 right colors. Colors emphatically stimulate a response, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

Why 95% Of Articles Are Useless For SEO Marketing

Written by Dave Ryan

Many webmasters submit articles about their respective niches to gain incoming links from other webmasters in their niche or a related subject matter, but 95% of them are doing it WRONG!

When you are writing an article for your niche to be used by other webmasters you need to optimize it for them. Remember, they are who you are writingrepparttar articles for; why would you want to give them junk that wont help them draw in customers? If you write articles that don't help outrepparttar 148878 webmasters who use it, odds are that they will choose not to use your future articles.

The key to writing strong articles is simple, providerepparttar 148879 content that they want for their site. Many authors will just write aboutrepparttar 148880 topic but not consider how well it will perform on others sites, and this is a fatal error. You need to use simple search engine optimization (SEO) tactics in your articles to getrepparttar 148881 best response from your articles. You need to help increase their page rank, be it on Google, MSN, Yahoo or any other search engine. If you optimize your articles in this way webmasters will definitely want to use your articles, not only that but are a lot more likely to check in on your future articles and use them as well.

So what arerepparttar 148882 search engine optimization (SEO) tactics you can use in your articles? Keywords, keywords, keywords. Now packing your article full ofrepparttar 148883 related keywords will only do so much and it may actually deter webmasters from using your articles ifrepparttar 148884 content isn't worth reading to a visitor. There are some simple to use guidelines for using keywords though, that if implemented will increase your syndication rate by leaps and bounds.

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