Does my business need a Toll Free Number?

Written by Alyice Edrich

There are several types of businesses onrepparttar market... fromrepparttar 117473 traditional brick and mortar, torepparttar 117474 dot coms. But does your business really need a toll free number? That depends on a number of factors, such as:

Do you only market your business to local customers, clients, or businesses? Is most of your business done on an international scale versus a national scale? Do you have an online business that leaves little room for personal contact? Are your products special orders, in which others have to give specific instructions? Do you have a business, where you are constantly onrepparttar 117475 go and away fromrepparttar 117476 office? Do you have employees that do a lot of traveling and call you collect or using a calling card? To answer these questions, let's take them one by one. If you only market your business locally, and you do not have any intentions of marketing it nationally or internationally, you do not need a toll free number.

If your business is mostly done via international avenues, you may want to think twice aboutrepparttar 117477 cost involved in having a toll free number. For instance, if you are based withinrepparttar 117478 US, andrepparttar 117479 majority of your clientele comes from overseas, a toll free number can become very costly. However, if you are based withrepparttar 117480 United States, and you have mixed clientele, both internationally and nationally, it may be advantageous to get a toll free number. In fact, some companies haverepparttar 117481 option of blocking certain phone numbers and locations from using your toll free number (such as Kall 8).

If you have an online business, it's a good idea to get a toll free number. Having a toll free number can make or break a sale.

Often, customers have questions and concerns about ordering your product and service and having a toll free number eases their minds, while making you look more professional.

Not having a toll free number doesn't mean that you will lose that sale, asrepparttar 117482 customer or client can just as easily email you. However, human beings are naturally inclined to do business with someone they know, versus someone they don't. Being able to hear your voice allows potential customers to get a feel for who you are, and inrepparttar 117483 process, develop a sense of security and trust in both you and your business.

10 Quick Tips To Stay Motivated!

Written by BB Lee

10 Quick Tips To Stay Motivated! by BB Lee (c)2002

(500 Words)

Lack of incentive and motivation in running a home based business will soon lead to big time business losses. Check outrepparttar following motivational tips to keeprepparttar 117472 "fiz in your biz!" Adapt them to fit your unique situation.

1. Change your routine. Do you hitrepparttar 117473 keyboards at noon? Try working early mornings or inrepparttar 117474 evening. A simple change in routine might be all you need to stay motivated.

2. Learn something new. Learning new things will drive up that attention meter. Now isrepparttar 117475 time to flex that learning muscle. Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language? How to write computer programs? Rev up those brain cells and get busy.

3. Network. Find others in your local community or Online who are inrepparttar 117476 same profession. Exchange ideas or simply correspond. This will give you a fresh prospective on your business.

4. Join a group with similar interest. Are you into party planning sales. Join a party planning or sales group Online. Exchange sales ideas and new marketing techniques. Check out relevant message boards.

5. Stay current. Read allrepparttar 117477 latest news on your business. Return to school, take workshops. Study allrepparttar 117478 latest gadgets, widgets. Your mind will be too busy to be bored.

6. Expand your business. That's right. If you design websites. Why not teach others to design websites. Expandingrepparttar 117479 business might lift you out ofrepparttar 117480 old "I'm bored" syndrome.

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