Does Your Childhood Hold You Back?

Written by Jo Ball

Have you come to a point in your life and got stuck and unable to move on?

Ive been shocked recently to discover how many women and men have suffered one trauma or another during childhood, in particularrepparttar amount that have been through abuse.

The experience of abuse, at an age when it would be impossible to know how to handle it, is horrific, be it beatings, humiliation or sexual abuse. These experiences stay with many children, through their teens right into adulthood, bringing up insecurity, anxiety jealousy and even threatening or violent behaviour patterns throughout life.

And maybe its here that your life gets stuck. In day-to-day situations where you feel insecure, anxious, jealous or violent youll probably revert to a behaviour pattern that you learned in your childhood. When you use that to deal with a current issue this is what you do

You react withdrawing or lashing out even though you knowrepparttar 142812 current situation has nothing to do with what is happening now, and before you know it you have lost an opportunity.

Inrepparttar 142813 aftermath regret and depression set in. You might ask why this happens to you and why life is such a mess and why, every time things seem to get better something comes along and stops you from progressing. Within it all you might even be searching forrepparttar 142814 meaning and point of life.

6 Ways to release stress

Written by Kenia Morales

We are currently living in a capitalist society where money and power rule. Therefore, many of us have become workaholics and often overlook signs of tiredness in order to stay on track. I am not saying that people should stop working hard to achieve their goals. However, there is a slight problem we do not know how to manage our stress, which is definitely not a good thing! Stress has been linked to mental/emotional (depression, anxiety, and anger) and physical illnesses (weakensrepparttar immune system). Therefore, it is more than important that you constantly work on reducing your stress level in order to maintain your overall health. The bottom line is, if we are not healthy there is no money or power that will make things better. So, take care of yourself. Below, I have added six stress releasing tips.

Exercise: even if you go for a walk for 15-25 minutes four days a week it will help your body to get rid of adrenaline and produce endorphins (a natural tranquilizer). Not to mention you will not only feel better, you will also lookrepparttar 142744 part.

Yoga: Many ramble that practicing yoga isrepparttar 142745 best way to manage or release stress. It focuses on breathing techniques, exercises, connecting withrepparttar 142746 universe on a spiritual and mental level. If this option seems interesting to you I suggest you do some research in order to learnrepparttar 142747 principles and decide if it is for you.

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