Does Reading Make Music?

Written by Ronald Worthy

Copyright 2005 RAW Productions

When you read music you are decipheringrepparttar printed page and transferringrepparttar 149272 information torepparttar 149273 keyboard. You might say that you are decoding whatrepparttar 149274 composer or arranger put onrepparttar 149275 page . The symbols put onrepparttar 149276 paper byrepparttar 149277 composer arerepparttar 149278 only means he or she has to convey his/her musical ideas torepparttar 149279 performer, hence torepparttar 149280 listener.

But! Is decoding a page of printed music and transferring those symbols to sound really making music?

Not necessarily. That is only one step. We might say that readingrepparttar 149281 notes with our eyes and playing them with our fingers is puttingrepparttar 149282 mechanics to work. If we stop studyingrepparttar 149283 piece as soon as we are fairly fluent in playingrepparttar 149284 notes we have read, we may be good keyboard mechanics, but we may not be considered "musicians."

No doubt you have listened to a pianist and come away saying, "That performance really carried me away." Onrepparttar 149285 other hand you have also probably heard much so-called "music" that left you cold—that did nothing for you. Perhaps one reason we enjoy listening to "ear" players isrepparttar 149286 fact that they are listening to what they play and are not distracted byrepparttar 149287 printed page.

"Ear" players MUST listen to themselves or they would have no idea of what comes next. The music is really speaking to them. Always remember that until music speaks torepparttar 149288 player it cannot communicate anything torepparttar 149289 listener.

What has all this got to do with reading music? You ask:"Is it wrong to try to learn to read? Since I can't play by ear, should I just forget about learning to play?"

The first question will take a bit of detail to take us fromrepparttar 149290 printed page to good listening. Don't forget thatrepparttar 149291 performer must be a good listener, if notrepparttar 149292 most critical of all listeners. If, as you perform, you become so engrossed inrepparttar 149293 printed notes, their pitch, their time,repparttar 149294 touch,repparttar 149295 dynamics—that you forget that all those things must fit together as a whole to make a good tone story, then you are a note reader, not a musician. But you must learn to read fluently if you can't play by ear.

There are comparatively few people who can play from memory or by ear everything that is onrepparttar 149296 page, fully and accurately. But, you don't hear them falter and fumble overrepparttar 149297 spots that are rough because they have learned how to "fake," how to cover their mistakes sorepparttar 149298 average listener is not aware of their bloopers.

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Written by George Papazoglou


 Epochs ago I defiedrepparttar conventionalism and pittance that rule this mortal world. I opted to commit to a wondrous new Centrum of spiritualism only to finally discoverrepparttar 149197 Genesis within me; from that era... nothing ever lookedrepparttar 149198 same.

Somehow I concurred with supremacy since remembering myself as an infant. Call it a charisma or whatever else you could name it, yet this "Dominant Power" seemed to as of magic... surround my Psyche.

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"It's not a mystery any longer... success is a derivative of a powerful mind that trances thrurepparttar 149203 mysticism ofrepparttar 149204 unknown and allows its' inner dynamic to palpate with innovation. Now I know how to break throughrepparttar 149205 chaos and return to this life full of renovation because my psyche is able to commute withrepparttar 149206 mystic powers that commandrepparttar 149207 Universe and controlrepparttar 149208 masses with radiant thoughts ofrepparttar 149209 supernatural."

George Papazoglou - - The 28th / June, 2005

Using hypnotic techniques and timely tested subliminal oriented scenarios, I am nowadays capable to "sculpt my reality" by energizingrepparttar 149210 boundless potential of my very own mind. As I put these words in electrons...usingrepparttar 149211 Internet... as my imagination sparkles with innovatory reflections, I harmonize with Supremacy... I commit to modernization and YES - just like an ineffable Magician - I augur whatrepparttar 149212 future shall convey for my entity - and for those around me; I dare to create invincible cyclones withrepparttar 149213 spur of any electrifying

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