Does My Back-End Look Big In This?

Written by Martin Avis

Do you want to hear a secret? Something that high- priced gurus would charge you a fortune for?

Okay, I'll tell you, but only if you promise not to spread it around. This is howrepparttar big players make real money onrepparttar 127345 Internet.

It is called selling to your back-end. Does that sound painful? Well, believe me, learn about this and you will feel no pain.

The term 'back-end products' is jargon that simply means selling additional items to existing customers.

The traditional mail order business, and more recently, Internet selling, depend largely onrepparttar 127346 power of leveraging (that magic word) existing customers to make maximum profits.

How does it work?

The first point is that there is no rule that says you have to have back-end products. There are many people online who sell a single product and make good money at it. But, in truth, they are wasting a valuable resource, and making a lot more work for themselves, as we shall see.

Let's look at two examples of how back-end selling works well online.

There is a lady I know online who sells a fantastic topical cream that helps eczema sufferers. She spends time and money targeting her advertising torepparttar 127347 right audience so that she can sell as much cream as possible. But she is a one product company. She only sells that one cream and has no plans as yet to introduce bnew products.

What is her back-end?

More cream. Everyone who buys becomes part of a new 'super-targeted' audience. She can email them special 'repeat purchase' offers at virtually no cost to her. So she makes these existing customers feel special by giving them great cost savings - and ends up making a higher profit-per-customer than she would have done otherwise. Alongrepparttar 127348 way, these 'super targets' also recommend her to their friends and family, so she makes even more sales.

That system works for her because she sells a consumable product, that really works, and is not available elsewhere.

But what about one-off purchases that do not have a repeat function built in?

As a second example, let's suppose you want to sell information products, or ebooks. Having created your first book, take a moment and think how you can expand it to add interest torepparttar 127349 type of people who would buy. Perhaps a special report, another book on a related topic, a video, a member's site -repparttar 127350 list is almost endless. Only after you have created this second-string product should you launchrepparttar 127351 first one.

How might this work in practice?

In order to sell anything onrepparttar 127352 net, you need to invest some money. Don't believerepparttar 127353 people who tell you that it can all be done for free. it can't. Maybe you need less to start up a business online than inrepparttar 127354 'real world', but you still need some seed capital. You need money for search engine positioning, money for advertising, web hosting, domain names and so on.

5 FAST Ways to Explode YOUR Traffic!

Written by Grady Smith

Here are some foolproof ways to create a rush of traffic to your site with 5 easy strategies you can use today.

1) Bring More Traffic To Your Site With One SIMPLE Word!

I've seen a massive rise in hits on my counter after discoveringrepparttar magic word that draws people in crazed hordes! Andrepparttar 127344 word that delivers for me is FREE!

By simply putting that one word in my ads, and backing it with something thatrepparttar 127345 reader will really value, I've noticed a steady surge of traffic coming to my site. And even though I'm baiting them with a FREE offer, I'm still making a hefty profit from this technique.

2) Steal Other People's Targeted Traffic!

Whether promoting an ezine or ebook, any business can instantly benefit fromrepparttar 127346 increased exposure of joint venturing with someone in a business similar to your own.

The secret? Find someone that has a large opt-in list that doesn't directly compete with your offer, but instead compliments it. Approach them and let them keep halfrepparttar 127347 profits from sending your offer to their list, then dorepparttar 127348 same for their product through your list. It's a win-win situation.

3) Bring Hordes To Your Site For FREE When You Share!

By far writing articles is one ofrepparttar 127349 best ways I know to bring highly targeted traffic to your site. And all it takes is minimal writing ability and a bit of knowledge that will interest your target audience.

Articles run about 500 words, and instantly advertise your product in front of thousands for free when only a few quality ezines decide to use your article.

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