Does Fat Free Really Mean Free Of Fat?

Written by Jerry Byler

Does fat-free really mean free of fat?

Do you know whatrepparttar words really mean on food labels?

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about how to interpret food labels and makerepparttar 131199 right food choices.

So what does “fat-free” really mean?

To be labeled “fat-free”,repparttar 131200 food must contain less than ½ gram of fat per serving.

To be labeled “Low Fat”,repparttar 131201 food must contain 3 grams or less of fat per serving.

To be labeled “Reduced Fat”,repparttar 131202 food must be at least 25 percent lower in fat than a comparable food.

To be labeled “Light”,repparttar 131203 food must contain 1/3 fewer calories, OR ½repparttar 131204 fat OR 2/3repparttar 131205 sodium of a comparable food (but not necessarily all three!).

Some foods (especially meat and dairy products) appear to have less fat than they really do. For example, if a milk or cheese label reads 2% milk or 2% cheese, this means that 2 percent ofrepparttar 131206 product volume (NOTrepparttar 131207 calories) comes from milk fat.

You can use a little math to discover how much fat these products actually contain.

First, findrepparttar 131208 total calories per serving andrepparttar 131209 fat calories per serving. For example ifrepparttar 131210 total calories per serving are 80 andrepparttar 131211 fat calories per serving are 50, dividerepparttar 131212 fat calories per serving byrepparttar 131213 total calories per serving.

Mediterranean Diet: New Study shows It’s Great For Weight Loss And your Heart

Written by Karen Wild

The Mediterranean diet first became popular as a heart health diet, but its role may be changing. Inrepparttar 1960's it was discovered that some people inrepparttar 131197 Mediterranean, particularly those from Crete, had a significantly longer life expectancy than people elsewhere inrepparttar 131198 world. Their diet, which is high in vegetables, meat, pasta, beans, cereals, olive oil and wine, seemed to haverepparttar 131199 ability to protect them from heart disease and stroke.

Today, though, it may become known as a weight loss diet. Spanish Researchers studyingrepparttar 131200 eating habits of 1,547 men and 1615 women aged 25-74, recently found thatrepparttar 131201 more closely subjects followedrepparttar 131202 diet,repparttar 131203 lower their body fat levels became. This was surprising, because, in other studies it had been seen that Mediterraneans were not exactly slim and that contrasted sharply torepparttar 131204 usual expectation that if you're fat, you're more likely to die of a stroke or heart attack.

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