Doctor, Iím bingeing but I still canít loose weight

Written by Naweko San-Joyz

If you rely on bingeing as a means to shed extra pounds or stabilize your weight, let me impart some down-home farming facts to dissuade you from this habit. Six-time Ms. Olympia champion, Cory Everson, offers a simple explanation for why bingeing fails: Itísrepparttar same method farmers use to fatten up their hogs for county fairs! Farmers do this by encouraging their hogs to overeat. For two to three days, farmers deny their hogs food. Then after this forced fast,repparttar 131249 farmers giverepparttar 131250 hogs more food than they can possibly eat. Andrepparttar 131251 hogs, of course, eat like hogs. Much torepparttar 131252 content ofrepparttar 131253 farmer,repparttar 131254 hogs gain several pounds inrepparttar 131255 process.

Obese Mothers make Obese kids!

Written by Jasdeep Singh

A study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims thatrepparttar doctors start giving attention torepparttar 131247 children of overweight parents very early- byrepparttar 131248 age of 4 atrepparttar 131249 latest. "We found dramatic increase in body fat between ages three and six", said Dr Robert Berkowitz, who ledrepparttar 131250 study. He was also quoted saying " We should be doing prevention and treatment programs at a much earlier age. Everyone knows how difficult it is to take weight off once you are overweight." As perrepparttar 131251 US researchers, children of overweight mothers are 15 times more likely to be obese byrepparttar 131252 age of 6 thanrepparttar 131253 children of lean mothers.

His team is now working onrepparttar 131254 eating and exercise habits ofrepparttar 131255 families they studied but said genes undoubtly play an important role as per other studies which cant be ignored andrepparttar 131256 biggest evidence isrepparttar 131257 dramatic spike in weight between ages 3 and 6." this suggests that some genes controlling body weight may become active during this period", added Berkowitz. According to his study, one-third ofrepparttar 131258 children of over-weight women gained weight quickly after turning 3. Ofrepparttar 131259 37 children of healthy weight women, only one became overweight. Now, all those overweight women, you have one great reason to lose weight and be healthy!

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