Do your images slow down your site?

Written by Dianne Reuby

You can make your pages load more quickly by making sure you includerepparttar height and width attribute in all your image tags, like this:

This is a short description of<IMG height=12 src= picture">

Nowrepparttar 131831 browser knows exactly how much space to leave when drawingrepparttar 131832 page onrepparttar 131833 screen. If a page has several graphics, and you don't specify their size,repparttar 131834 browser will downloadrepparttar 131835 page, thenrepparttar 131836 pictures. Now what? It discovers it hasn't left enough room for picture number one, so it has to re-drawrepparttar 131837 page onrepparttar 131838 screen. Next picture - same problem! Another page re-draw. And so on, right through your page.

Any visitors on a slow connection, or with a slower PC, may simply give up and move on to another site.

What does that "alt" attribute do? If you put your cursor over a picture and leave it there for a moment, you'll seerepparttar 131839 contents ofrepparttar 131840 "alt" attribute thatrepparttar 131841 webmaster has used for this picture. It's handy for giving visitors information such as "Click to go to ..." or "Download here".

I want a website, but I don't want spam!

Written by Dianne Reuby

Question: If I start a web site, won't I get loads of spam?

Answer: Yes. But there are ways of cutting it down.

1. Hide your email address so it can't be "harvested" by spam robots. You can do this simply by replacingrepparttar @ symbol withrepparttar 131828 special Unicode symbol @ Browsers will display it as normal. Robots that searchrepparttar 131829 web for e-mail addresses won't be able to recognise it as an e-mail address. Robots are getting more sophisticated - I "cloak" or hide my complete address on every web page. Email Scramble is an easy-to-use program that will producerepparttar 131830 code for you, ready to paste into your web page. Read more details at

2. Set up filters in your email program. I KNOW I don't want a mortgage or a new credit card, as well as less pleasant offerings, so I filter any messages containing those words straight into my Trash. Check your email program's help file for instructions on how to filter out messages that you know you don't want.

3. If you get persistent spam from one source, send a copy ofrepparttar 131831 message to their email provider. Look atrepparttar 131832 "From" address, and note what comes afterrepparttar 131833 "@". If you address it to "abuse@" andrepparttar 131834 name you noted, with a short description ofrepparttar 131835 problem, they may be able to closerepparttar 131836 account. But many spammers are using hidden and re- directed accounts, so thatrepparttar 131837 account name which actually appears is nothing to do with them!

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