Do you worry about credit card debt and your card payments?

Written by Tony Bishop

Do you worry about credit card debt and your card payments?

It's one ofrepparttar most expensive loans we can take out, so why do so many people have credit card balances that they don't pay off each month? Perhaps it's becauserepparttar 148358 application form comes inrepparttar 148359 mail, and we can just fill it out, mail it back and expect to get a new shiny card within a few weeks... especially if we're "pre approved". It's also very handy to have credit cards because they're so quick and simple to use to make purchases. Just handrepparttar 148360 card over, swipe and sign (or input your pin on newer cards). On top of that, there arerepparttar 148361 dozens of introductory offers on new cards, with lower interest rates than all your current cards. Surely you'd be crazy not to accept their offer of a great new card at a great new rate? Ahh yes, but that low rate soon reverts back torepparttar 148362 same rate as allrepparttar 148363 other cards you have... but now you have one more card to rack up debt on!

Apparently,repparttar 148364 average American household has 13 payment cards! Thirteen! Why so many? Well, presumably,repparttar 148365 $1.1 TRILLION worth of credit card purchases made in 1999 has to be spread out over a few cards or people would start to noticerepparttar 148366 massive amount of debt they're taking on! If you pay off your card every month, credit cards are actually useful tools to allow you to make payment easily and use uprepparttar 148367 "interest free period" each month. You may buy that coat on June 1st but not have to "pay" for it until you pay offrepparttar 148368 card some time in July. But did you really needrepparttar 148369 new coat inrepparttar 148370 first place? What would have happened if you HAD to pay in cold hard cash forrepparttar 148371 coat? Would you still have bought it? Hmmm.

Home Mortgage Loan Pre-approval Online Keys When Applying For A Mortgage Online

Written by Carrie Reeder

Applying online for a mortgage is very fast and easy. Just make sure of a few things before you start to look for places to apply to. Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for a mortgage company to help you online:

1. Apply with many different brokers, but make surerepparttar online application or inquiry that you fill out will not allow them to pull your credit - If they ask you to describe your credit, it is likely thatrepparttar 148349 broker is not going to pull it. If you enter your social security number, it is likely that they will pull your credit. If you do not enter your social security number, usually, that makes it so that they cannot pull your credit. They eventually will need to pull your credit, but you want to make sure you have narrowed downrepparttar 148350 broker that you want to work with before they pull your credit.

2. Enterrepparttar 148351 information on your application accurately If you are not accurate on your application, this will slow downrepparttar 148352 approval process. State your income accurately. Sometimes people will inflate their income on their application in hopes that this will help their approval process. What this does is giverepparttar 148353 broker a false sense of your situation. The mortgage application and approval process will go much smoother if you are accurate in stating your income and assets and credit history before you get intorepparttar 148354 approval process.

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