Do you think you can re-sell this?

Written by Austin C. Davis

Reader Question: I am on a tight budget, should I tell my mechanic how much I can afford to spend?

Dear concerned car owner,

Do you like to take your car in for repairs? Do you ever feel like you were cheated or taken advantage of byrepparttar shop or their mechanics? Do you know it could be what you are saying torepparttar 102530 repair shop that could be costing you more? Most auto repair shops are run by honest hard-working people but in some circumstances you may bring outrepparttar 102531 dark side at some shops.

For instance, never tellrepparttar 102532 shop how much you are willing to spend without first getting an explanation of what you are going to have done. When you giverepparttar 102533 shop a “spending limit” they may have a tendency to do as little as possible but will manage to spend up to your limit. For example, a woman came into my shop and told me she had $500 to spend. She did not start off her conversation with "hello", or "can you fix my car", all she said was how much money she wanted to give me.

Now granted, it is nice to have people come intorepparttar 102534 shop and actually like to pay their bills, but this lady gave me a spending limit before she told me what she wanted to have fixed. She thought she had transmission trouble and assumed that it would cost her a fortune to repair. While on a test drive with her I concluded thatrepparttar 102535 problem was not transmission-related, but thatrepparttar 102536 car probably needed a tune up or something along those lines.

But wait, this person wanted to give me $500! If I was not an honest shop owner, I would have remained quiet onrepparttar 102537 test drive and takenrepparttar 102538 money that she was willing to pay. Let's say that I told this customer that I could fix her car because I am a nice guy and since she only had $500 to spend I would try to help her out as much as I could. In reality,repparttar 102539 actual repairs needed would have only cost $200.

10 Steps To Bigger Affiliate Commissions!

Written by Chuck McCullough

If you're having trouble making money from affiliate programs, or are looking for ways to increase your existing income from them, here is a quick list to get you going:

1. Learn how to PRE-sell your visitors instead of hard-selling them. Using this technique will put your visitors inrepparttar right frame of mind to visit repparttar 102529 merchant's website and have a look atrepparttar 102530 product offerings.

2. Focus on one or two products and put all of your your effort into promoting them. Your visitors aren't looking for a shopping mall, but rather a website that has great information on their area of interest.

3. Purchaserepparttar 102531 products you are promoting. This will enable you to know first-hand ifrepparttar 102532 product is of high-enough quality to deserve your efforts, and will give yourepparttar 102533 ability to provide an honest recommendation based on your own experience with repparttar 102534 product.

4. Create an email course and include your affiliate link in each email with a recommendation on how that product will help your visitors. You will need an autoresponder for this idea, and I recommend you use one of these:

5. Write articles and submit them to newsletter authors and article directories. You can either include a recommendation forrepparttar 102535 product withinrepparttar 102536 article, or atrepparttar 102537 end in your author's resource box.

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