Do you own your own name?

Written by M. May

Do you own ?

How about .net , .org or .biz ?

Owning your own domain name is like owning your piece of real estate onrepparttar internet.

Hey, some domain have sold for millions of dollars. Here are some examples: $7.5 million $5.1 million $3.3 million $2.9 million $2.2 million $1.8 million $1m $1m $970,000 $830,000

Here is a site where you can check and see ifrepparttar 108271 domain name you want is available:

Did you forget your own name?

Written by Gary King

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Did you forget your own name?

Now before you go reaching for your identification to check who you are, let me reassure youÖ Iím talking about your domain name.

Forgetting to renew a domain name can result in HUGE headaches, including paying additional fees or even having a competitor or domain name reseller grab your prized domain name.

Depending on their goals, they may use your old domain name for their site, they may agree to sell it back to you at an exorbitant price, or they may even completely refuse to sellrepparttar 108271 name back to you, essentially holding it hostage.

Sure, there may be legal action you can take if you have trademarks in place, but that takes time- and during all this time, your site and your e-mail are down!

So, how do we avoid all of this inrepparttar 108272 first place? Roll up your sleeves and letís get started, shall we?

=============================== #1. First, letís check! =============================== Crank up your favorite web browser and visitrepparttar 108273 web site ofrepparttar 108274 registrar for your domain name, or just choose one fromrepparttar 108275 list below. These are just a few ofrepparttar 108276 registrars I could think of, not an inclusive list, and are simply in alphabetical order.



Network Solutions:

Once there, followrepparttar 108277 prompts to perform a whois search for your domain name.

Verifyrepparttar 108278 expiration date for your domain name, and put a reminder on your calendar (RIGHT NOW) to renew it at least 30 days prior torepparttar 108279 date given forrepparttar 108280 current expiration.

If you are already within that 30 day window, renew your domain name while you are thinking of it. Go ahead, Iíll wait.

=================================== #2. The expiration process =================================== All is not lost if your domain name has expired. There is a period of time after its expiration that you can still reclaim your prized possession.

Hereís how it works.

Onrepparttar 108281 date that a domain expires,repparttar 108282 registrar removes it fromrepparttar 108283 root servers (the list of domains currently registered globally); therefore, any web sites or e-mail associated withrepparttar 108284 domain name will begin to stop working.

At this point,repparttar 108285 domain has entered a 30 day period calledrepparttar 108286 ďRedemption PeriodĒ. The redemption period is a grace period that allows you to re-register your domain name inrepparttar 108287 event that you simply overlookedrepparttar 108288 expiration date, didnít receiverepparttar 108289 expiration notice, etc.

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