Do you need a Part for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

Written by Keith Nivon

Need a Harley Davidson Part for your ride?

Where do you get a good quality Harley Davidson Part? Can I use an aftermarket part?

These questions are not easy to answer. It depends a lot on your situation, part you're looking for, andrepparttar money you want to spend.

The bottom line......... you have to decide.

I have a little information here that may be useful to you, so keep reading!

An OEM part versus an aftermarket part.

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part are of courserepparttar 102717 genuine Harley Davidson Part you would find at an authorized Harley dealer.

These parts are original in that they haverepparttar 102718 exact same specifications that came withrepparttar 102719 original part.

These parts however many not have been manufactured by Harley Davidson themselves (at their physical location). Harley may get another company to manufacture these parts to Harley specs, and then they will sell them inrepparttar 102720 Harley box as OEM.

OEM parts are generally more expensive, and almost always recommended byrepparttar 102721 dealer. (They make their money by selling parts not bikes)

The dealer will most likely tell you that OEM parts are of a higher quality. This may or may not be true.

How To Keep Your Car Gleaming New... Always!

Written by Fantic Carro

Itís a great feeling to buy a new car. Everythingís gleaming new andrepparttar smell of fresh leather lingers as you drive. You even catch yourself constantly stealing glances atrepparttar 102716 reflection of your shiny new car.

How about 12 months later? Does your car still look new or does it look dull, tired and old? How can some people keep their cars gleaming new while others look old 12 months out ofrepparttar 102717 showroom?

The trick lies in how you care for your car. It is easy if you know how.

1) Wash Your Car Every Week

Dust and dirt will accumulate on your carís paintwork. Nothing much you can do to prevent it. The only answer is to wash it! This is especially true if your car was exposed to rain. If you leave it to dry underrepparttar 102718 sun, it will leave watermark stains on your paintwork. These are very tough to remove later.

To wash your car, get a clean & soft terry cloth or use a cloth diaper. You can easily pick it up atrepparttar 102719 babyís section in your favorite departmental store. If you want something fancier, then get Meguiarís Ultimate Wipe cloth ( Apart from cloth, youíll need a quality car shampoo. I use Meguiarís NXT Generation Car Wash ( Itís cheap and will last you quite some time.

First, hose off any dirt, mud or grime from your car. Then mix 3 caps-full of shampoo with a small bucket (20 oz) of water. Use your cloth to apply it to your car. Itís best to use circular motions. Wash offrepparttar 102720 shampoo with a clean cloth/cloth diaper under running water. Once youíve cleaned off all shampoo residue, wipe dry your car with a new cloth/diaper, making sure all panels are wiped completely dry.

Since brake dust accumulates on your rims, clean it with some shampoo as well. Since youíd normally spend more time inside your car than admiringrepparttar 102721 paintwork, it makes sense to vacuum your car interior when you wash your car.

2) Wax Your Car Every Month

You can either send your car to an auto detailer for waxing or takerepparttar 102722 DIY route. If you have an hour or two to spend, then try waxing it yourself. Itís really not that difficult.

Make sure you wash and dry your car before waxing. Itís best for you and your car if you park it somewhere shady while waxing it. Use a quality carnauba wax like Meguiarís NXT Generation Tech Wax ( Applyrepparttar 102723 wax in a circular motion onto your car withrepparttar 102724 included sponge. Applyrepparttar 102725 wax on one section at a time, rememberingrepparttar 102726 sequence. Finish applying it onrepparttar 102727 entire car.

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