Do you know your Country? Origin of Country Music Quiz

Written by Robert Harper

Here's a nice quiz onrepparttar Origin of Country Music. The answers are onrepparttar 110013 bottom ofrepparttar 110014 page.

P.S. Don't feel bad if you only get half of them right. You'll be doing better than my partner Stu did...

1) What person is known asrepparttar 110015 "Father of Country Music"?

A. Johnny Cash B. Jimmie Rodgers C. Tex Ritter D. Jed Clampett

2) Who wrote a song about driving onrepparttar 110016 soundtrack ofrepparttar 110017 movie "Roadie" that became a number one country song?

A. Merle Haggard B. Charlie Daniels C. Eddie Rabbitt D. Willie Nelson

3) What year did Patsy Cline die in a plane crash?

A. 1976 B. 1945 C. 1963 D. 1990

4) In 1996 "Wild Angels" hits No. 1 onrepparttar 110018 country charts.Who wasrepparttar 110019 country singer?

A. Anita Carter B. Gretchen Wilson C. Martina McBride D. Reba McEntire

Discover Sirius Satellite Radio

Written by Gary Gresham

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