Do you have the skills to be a secret service agent?

Written by graham and julie

Do you haverepparttar skills to be a secret service agent?

Do you haverepparttar 140198 necessary attributes to be a successful secret services agent? Do you melt intorepparttar 140199 background where no one can see you? Do you hide behind someone else? Would you describe yourself as having an incognito life? Are you capable of always putting yourself second? Do you constantly defer to another person? Do people see right through you and ignore you?

Then you haverepparttar 140200 skills.

You see, as John Reilly, states inrepparttar 140201 song he wrote forrepparttar 140202 musical Chicago; you are no more than Mr. Cellophane man.

Mister cellophane Should have been my name !!!! Mister cellophane 'cause you can look right through me Walk right by me And never know I'm there!

The question is:

Are theserepparttar 140203 skills you need to have an effective life? Are theserepparttar 140204 skills that bring you fulfillment and happiness? Are theserepparttar 140205 skills that show off your uniqueness and enable you to fulfill your role on this planet?

In our experiencerepparttar 140206 answer is, no.

So how do you avoid being Mr. Cellophane man?


Start by changing your focus of yourself. Rather than look at what is wrong with you and what needs changing. Sit quietly with yourself for a moment and look at your qualities.

Ask yourself:

•What are my strengths?

If you are not sure, or cannot put your finger on your strengths

1.Take a LARGE sheet of paper and write down allrepparttar 140207 things you like about yourself. Go on write it anywhere onrepparttar 140208 paper. Make it as large or as small as you like. It doesn’t have to be a list. 2.Ask a friend or friends what they like about you. What do they see as your strengths and add it torepparttar 140209 paper. Be prepared for a shock because how others see you may not be how you see yourself. Remember don’t edit. Add everything they say. 3.Readrepparttar 140210 list before you go to sleep and add anything new that comes to you inrepparttar 140211 morning.

Mindfulness and Mystery: Sleuthing Toward Interpersonal Awareness

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

We love mysteries.

We enjoy using our minds to gather clues and solve problems of all kinds. Whether it'srepparttar latest crime show on television, a news story, your company's top-secret product launch, or where you left your glasses, you are captivated by questions that have significance for you.

In fact, we can learn a great deal by becoming mindful ofrepparttar 140079 types of mysteries that fire up our brains. By using multiple intelligences theory as a framework, we can create greater awareness ofrepparttar 140080 areas that naturally appeal to us as playgrounds for mindfulness.

For example, if you find that you are frequently intrigued by dramas--gossip, soap operas, office politics, novels, or shows like "Survivor" or "The Bachelor"--pay attention to that. What it tells you is that you have a natural inclination to flex your interpersonal intelligence, or "people" smarts.

You seek clues to help you understand and anticipaterepparttar 140081 motives, reactions, and choices of others. You have an ability to see personality traits clearly and recognize behavior patterns, and you apply this knowledge to new situations and characters.

Allrepparttar 140082 world is a stage to you, and you are fascinated byrepparttar 140083 players and plots.

If you enjoy observing dramas, you might as well use them as triggers for mindfulness, right? So, for example, you could select a particular cue to notice and heighten your awareness of when, how, and why it appears.

If you choose a gesture like someone putting their hand on their forehead, you could use this as your secret prompt to pay attention to what follows immediately AFTER that. An exclamation of exhaustion? A self-critical statement? A swear word?

You can do this during your conversations with others, but it's also easy to do when you are watching people in any setting--at a party, in a movie, on television.

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