Do searchers have a loyalty to one search engine?

Written by Alyssa Duvall

It turns out that searchers are more than willing to use multiple search engines according to Nielsen/NetRatings. In January 2005 Google reported 71 million unique searchers, 58 percent of which had used another search engine. Yahoo's percentage was higher – 71 percent.

So how does this affect your search engine optimization efforts? It shows that you cannot afford to only concentrate onrepparttar rankings you are receiving in one search engine. Currentlyrepparttar 143638 market is dominated

Google Sitemaps – A New Free Google Tool

Written by Halstatt Pires

Google has released another valuable tool for sites. The tool, “Sitemaps”, allows you to notify Google of site updates. As with all Google tools,repparttar service is free.

Sitemaps – What Is It?

Sitemaps is a platform that let’s Webmasters notify Google of, ta da, changes to a site. In creatingrepparttar 143147 tool, Google suggestsrepparttar 143148 tool will let it expand coverage of pages onrepparttar 143149 web and speed uprepparttar 143150 time it takes to index sites. This goal appears to conflict withrepparttar 143151 much discussed Google Sandbox, but there is no harm in using Sitemaps. Sitemaps – Uploading Your Changes

Google provides two methods for using Sitemaps. The first involves creating an xml file on your server. The process is a bit detailed, so it will not be covered in this article. You can find specific instructions at:

Sitemaps – Manual Uploads

Google also provides a method to manually upload site changes. The first step is to create a list ofrepparttar 143152 URL changes using Notepad. For example, we recently changed a number of pages on To use Sitemaps, we would createrepparttar 143153 following list of URLs:

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