Do Your Part For The Environment, Your Health, And Your Wallet

Written by David Rolle'

Vehicle owners nationwide haverepparttar same complaint;repparttar 148311 high price of gasoline. It's as if you're going to work just to pay forrepparttar 148312 gas to fill up your tank. Everyone knows whenrepparttar 148313 price of oil goes up,repparttar 148314 cost of everything else rises. Andrepparttar 148315 price of keeping your engine running smooth always puts you back inrepparttar 148316 hole financially.

People who dwell in larger cities constantly breathe in poisons released inrepparttar 148317 air. Research on this pollution problem is well established. Pollutants coming from cars and trucks are responsible for lung disease, lung cancer and asthma. But that's not all. New research has shown thatrepparttar 148318 poisons coming from our cars and trucks are responsible for increases in many types of cancers, heart disease, and even Alzheimer's disease.

An Easy Way to Help Stop Pollution and Save Your Lungs

A good suggestion would be to find a product that reduces toxicity inrepparttar 148319 air, while extendingrepparttar 148320 life expectancy of your car's engine. Ideally,repparttar 148321 product should be effective when used in small amounts and be unique (can be used in gasoline, diesel, RFG, biodiesel, and propane). This product is known as a fuel catalyst, which has been used successfully for over 9 years by thousands of people, as well as city governments, large trucking lines, railroads, farming, and boating companies.

New Law Changes Highway Use Tax Rules: Installment Payment Option Eliminated

Written by Richard A. Chapo

The IRS is reminding truckers and other owners of heavy highway vehicles thatrepparttar installment option for payingrepparttar 148234 federal highway use tax will no longer be available. This change was included inrepparttar 148235 American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 and applies to filers of Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return.

Beginning withrepparttar 148236 Form 2290 forrepparttar 148237 tax year that begins on July 1, 2005 and ends on June 30, 2006,repparttar 148238 balance due shown onrepparttar 148239 form must be paid in full byrepparttar 148240 due date ofrepparttar 148241 return. In most cases,repparttar 148242 deadline for filingrepparttar 148243 return and paying any tax due is August 31, 2005. Payment can be made by check, money order or electronically through electric payment (EFTPS).

In previous years, taxpayers who timely filed Form 2290 could choose to payrepparttar 148244 tax in four equal installments. Ordinarily, these installment payments were due onrepparttar 148245 last day of August, December, March and June. About 148,000 taxpayers chose this option last year in 2004.

In general,repparttar 148246 highway use tax applies to trucks, truck tractors and buses with a gross taxable weight of 55,000 pounds or more. Ordinarily, vans, pick-ups and panel trucks are not taxable because they fall belowrepparttar 148247 55,000-pound threshold.

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