Do You Want to Just Survive or Thrive? (part 2)

Written by Jayve McMeeken

Do You Want to Just Survive or Thrive? (part 2)

“Fighting to payrepparttar bills is hardly worth it… fight for a better life!”

What do we really want?

This question is one that has pretty much foundedrepparttar 148330 self help industry and will sustain it for eternity. The problem is that it is often asked withoutrepparttar 148331 commitment of action with accountability… FIRST!!!

It’srepparttar 148332 reason why people go to seminars and read books; coming away to say that it was all “very interesting”. Well I’m sorry but “interesting” won’t bring yourepparttar 148333 lifestyle you aspire to. You need capacity!

I knew that with allrepparttar 148334 fighting that myself and my family had done of trying to save money was an experience that formedrepparttar 148335 basis of my new and exciting fight for my freedom!

What I discovered was that there wasn’t any difference at all betweenrepparttar 148336 people who were making money andrepparttar 148337 people who were saving money. They are all just people when it comes torepparttar 148338 crunch.

By exploring even further, I also found out thatrepparttar 148339 people makingrepparttar 148340 money are alwaysrepparttar 148341 ones that winrepparttar 148342 fight. They arerepparttar 148343 ones that winrepparttar 148344 game every time. This realization brought homerepparttar 148345 reality that there was never going to be a chance to win againstrepparttar 148346 “money makers”.

Personal Goal Setting - 10 Tips

Written by Steve Gillman

Does personal goal setting work? Many people want things, situations or accomplishments, call these goals, and then are disappointed when they don't get them. Call desires goals if you want, but just naming your desires sure isn't effective goal setting. Good goals have some or all ofrepparttar following:

1. They are specific. "I want to be healthy" is too general. "I want to lose weight and walk three times a week," is better.

2. They are measurable. How many pounds do you want to lose? How much money do you want to make? How will you know if your relationship is better?

3. They are in writing. There is power in writing down your goals. It makes them more real, and this influences your subconscious mind, especially if you reviewrepparttar 148116 goals regularly.

4. They are realistic. Sorry, but even if it is possible that you could become an astronaut, if you're already 55, you better try for becoming a pilot for now. Unrealistic goals set you up for failure.

5. They have deadlines. You'll have a new job by when? Setting dates really helps your progress.

6. They become plans. Making a goal into specific steps makes it much more likely. It isn't overwhelming to take one step at a time.

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