Do You Want To Remain Anonymous? Or Would You Prefer To Be Famous?

Written by R.M. Blackledge

Do You Want To Remain Anonymous? Or Would You Prefer To Be Famous?

R.M. Blackledge © Copyright 2005

The internet is known as "the global information superhighway" for a good reason. As this year's unfortunate Tsunami in South Asia demonstrated, information can zip aroundrepparttar world in seconds, becauserepparttar 135616 internet makes that possible. Inrepparttar 135617 first few hours after repparttar 135618 disaster ordinary citizens had available first person accounts and video on their desktop almost as comprehensive as what was shown on CNN and Fox News channel.

The internet is as advantageous for global marketing as it is forrepparttar 135619 news business. But how many of us realize that depending onrepparttar 135620 products we have on sale, our most reliable customers may live thousands of miles away, and yet be extremely vital to our corporate bottom line.

That fact can be both a blessing and a curse.

Let's see.... Ifrepparttar 135621 customer has a complaint about a purchase they've made, well they're much too far away to do anything about it except send off a few tersely-worded emails. But, all kidding aside is it very comfortable to have your most reliable spenders onrepparttar 135622 far side ofrepparttar 135623 globe?

Afterall, if they're so far away, then these individuals are indeed strangers.

This isrepparttar 135624 point of our article. An anonymous website may earn you money, but a website that has your picture and name up near repparttar 135625 top can help establish strong customer loyalty, and givesrepparttar 135626 consumerrepparttar 135627 confidence that they are dealing with a real live business with responsible people onrepparttar 135628 other end ofrepparttar 135629 keyboard, and not just some robotic web page that is eager to gobble up their credit card information.

In such a circumstance,repparttar 135630 miles betweenrepparttar 135631 website owner andrepparttar 135632 customer is meaningless.

You may not have realized it yet, but your name and your face can be an extremely valuable asset even if you don't have much personal involvement withrepparttar 135633 product you have for sale, beyond repparttar 135634 fact that you've givenrepparttar 135635 product your tacit endorsement by placing it on your site. And if you've produced a product on your own, such as an e-book or software, then your name personalizes repparttar 135636 product.

Afterall, wouldn't most people prefer to purchase "John Smith's Valuable Internet Marketing Essays," rather than just an e-book entitled "Valuable Internet Marketing Essays."

Here's how a first encounter withrepparttar 135637 second title may hinder a sale. The customer may think, "Who wroterepparttar 135638 essays?" Or, "Why should I care aboutrepparttar 135639 essays at all?" They may also surmise. "Hmmm... this is a site with no apparent owner....why would I want to download this e-book?"

Internet Cash Train

Written by Vic Damone

Location! Location! Location! When I was growing up those three words were what allrepparttar experts said wasrepparttar 135599 key to any successful retail business. Find a spot with tons of traffic and you cannot help but reel some of them in! You didnít need to make a killing off of every customer but rather just a little off of a steady and reliable stream of them.

Nowadays of course, this truism is utterly irrelevant thanks torepparttar 135600 Internet. Location isrepparttar 135601 last thing someone needs to worry about if they are thinking about going into retail because you can operate from anywhere onrepparttar 135602 planet and sell to anyone onrepparttar 135603 planet!

As I began thinking more and more about opening up my own little e-store I, like most of you, ran into a pretty significant problem. I am aboutrepparttar 135604 farthest thing from a computer geek there is and although not completely illiterate (I CAN navigaterepparttar 135605 web most ofrepparttar 135606 time without tech support and usually send e-mails torepparttar 135607 person I intended) there was just no way that I could possibly set-up and operate my own website. Also, I didnít exactly have a lot of readily available cash for my venture so acquiring inventory might prove just a tad tricky. Far from being a quitter, I surfedrepparttar 135608 web looking for a way to make my dream happen.

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