Do You Trust Your Mentor(s)?

Written by by Rasheed Ali

"It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust." - Samuel Johnson

I was on a tele-seminar recently with International Health Coach Jeremy Likness and he asked a very interesting question about Trust.

We were talking about individuals finding mentors and trusting their mentors enough to pay for their services or to teach them what they wanted (need) to know.

The question caught me off guard becauserepparttar truth ofrepparttar 146050 matter was I hadn't really given sufficient thought to what TRUST really was inrepparttar 146051 world of self improvement, personal development and finding mentors because I just trust people. Well, until they prove otherwise...

First of all a mentor is...

men∑tor - A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

Second of all trust is...

trust - Firm reliance onrepparttar 146052 integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

With that cleared up...

After I got offrepparttar 146053 call I realized that I should have explained that every time I met a person that did not trust me, it was THEY and not me who were not trust worthy!

Now before you go and say, "Well that's a generalization Rasheed!" Let me explain this:

People who give trust, CAN be trusted. People who do not trust others are NOT trust worthy. It's that simple and I don't need some Forrester Research or Harvard to tell me that!

Think aboutrepparttar 146054 last time someone didn't trust you... Did they prove to be worthy of trust? I highly doubt it.

The 80/20 Success Secret

Written by Rasheed Ali

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to applyrepparttar Pareto Principle or 80/20 Principle to success or rather becoming successful?

If youíre a reader ofrepparttar 146049 Conquer Your Adversity Newsletter, then you should be familiar with this principle from my article Achievement & Happiness The 80/20 Way Ė

Inrepparttar 146050 past what Iíve found is that most people donít hesitate to point fingers at whom or what they think is responsible for their failures or lack of success in life. The problem is that they never look inrepparttar 146051 mirror and see thatrepparttar 146052 main problem is them! At that time I believed that there were two groups of people, successful and unsuccessful.

Recently however I came across another group of people who all want to be successful and realize that they must change. When they ask me how they can achieve success, I give them allrepparttar 146053 same answer. Iíll get to that in a minute, because first I want to tell you why.

When I was a baby about two months old, my parents sent me from New York torepparttar 146054 island of Trinidad to live with my Grandparents. During those early years, I was given love, attention and I was taughtrepparttar 146055 importance of hard work. You see, my Grandfather and all of his brothers for that matter were entrepreneurs. My Grandpa was a poultry farmer. He raised chickens! Not just any chickens, butrepparttar 146056 best tasting, natural chickens around. Not just a few chickens, but anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 at a time. Not only that but, he still worked at his job asrepparttar 146057 Pay Master atrepparttar 146058 Texaco oil refinery.

To little me, Grandpa wasrepparttar 146059 strongest man inrepparttar 146060 world and he knew more than anyone!

Overrepparttar 146061 course ofrepparttar 146062 years I would be taken away from my Grandparents many times by my parents, only to be sent back again. Each time I would learn something new. I learned how to run a poultry farm and business, how to handle money, how to deal with customers, how to give a quality product,repparttar 146063 importance of learning by doing and most of all what I tell my clients and people wanting success.

No, Iím not going to tell you yet! ;-P

Fast forward to 1990-91 and Iím homeless onrepparttar 146064 streets of New York. Of course my Grandparents had no control over these events. It was my parents that left me no choice.

There I was a skinny 15 year old with big glasses, no money and nowhere to live. I had lived in fear for so long inrepparttar 146065 past that I looked like an owl on crack!

I had no clue what to do and I had already been onrepparttar 146066 streets a couple of weeks. I was hungry, cold (it was winter) and tired.

As events unfolded a severe beating by four 22 year olds, put me inrepparttar 146067 hospital near death and I would later end back up onrepparttar 146068 streets. This time I had learned of other options by listening to other peoplesí conversations. I had heard about a place called Covenant House in Manhattan. It took another week or two before I ended up there because I didnít trust that anyone would help me.

The people at Covenant House took me in one cold night and gave me a place to stay, warm food and counseling.

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