Do You Submit Articles to Ezines?

Written by Nucha Aquino

There is something I'd like to talk about... fromrepparttar angle of an ezine publisher.

That's "How to submit articles to an ezine, and get published".

Put yourself in a publisher's shoes. How do you feel if, one day, you receive an article submission email which ends with "if you want remove from this list..."? I did not ask to subscribe... for crying out loud...

~~ Do not add a publisher to any list ~~

If you have an article service list, askrepparttar 129367 publisher to subscribe. They normally would, if they like your works. If they don't they won't publish your works anyway, why bother adding them to your list.

If you have a large list of publishers and article submission groups to send your articles, use a bulk mailing software such as Groupmail. You can personalizerepparttar 129368 email. Andrepparttar 129369 free version can send to up to 100 recipients at a time. That should be enough. Get a free download here... http://eLaguna.neet/groupmail.htm

Now put yourself in a publisher's shoes again, how do you feel when receive -- at your article submission address -- an email addressed to "dear publisher"? This person does not mean to send article to us... just any publisher, right?

~~ Knowrepparttar 129370 ezine you are submitting your article to ~~

No need to chit-chat with publishers. No need to go "I love your ezine", etc. But a little of "hello what's up" is nice. Personalizerepparttar 129371 email. Address publishers by name. You should also sendrepparttar 129372 kind of articlerepparttar 129373 ezine publisher is looking for. If you send an article against solo ads to a publisher who sends more solos thanrepparttar 129374 ezine, don't ever expect to get published.

Some publishers accept ONLY article within a certain topic. And they say so inrepparttar 129375 ezine. Please respectrepparttar 129376 rules.

Put yourself in my shoes again (I have several pairs), what if you receive email from a certain author (who happens to be a fast writer) everyday? Do you finally stop reading his emails? I do.

~~ Do not submit too often ~~

I used to receive daily submission from an author. I thought it was funny. There had been too many emails from him that I did not read it anymore. Latest news...repparttar 129377 poor author was accused by some publishers for spamming! Worst thing was he did not sendrepparttar 129378 article torepparttar 129379 article submission address, butrepparttar 129380 publisher's contact address...

Tips for Good Business Writing

Written by June Campbell

You can contribute significantly to your business' success by developing your writing skills.

If you're operating a business, eventually you will be required to write a business document. It could be a business letter, a business proposal, a business plan, a marketing strategy, copy for your web site, a white paper, a job description, an inter- office memo, a Board report, a press release, orů?

There is good news if writing is not your strong point. Writing is a skill that can be learned. With practice, almost anyone can learn to write an acceptable document.

Why is good writing important? First, some people will judge you by your writing. Why risk losing customers or investors because of a poorly written document?

Secondly, good business writing is easier to read and easier to comprehend than poor writing. Clarity is always a goal when writing business documents. Flowery prose is best left to those who write fine literature.

Many written documents show dramatic improvement when a few common writing errors are corrected. Try this test. Find a letter or document you have written, and go through it making repparttar changes listed below. You could be surprised atrepparttar 129365 improvement when you follow these basic guidelines.

Userepparttar 129366 Active Voice Write inrepparttar 129367 active voice instead ofrepparttar 129368 passive voice. That is, rather than writing, "The computer that belongs to my brother," say, "My brother's computer." Rather than writing, "The merchandise that was delivered yesterday," say, "Yesterday's merchandise delivery."

Many people find that by making this one change, they can improve their writing substantially.

Tip: Use MS Word's Spell and Grammar feature to help findrepparttar 129369 passive sentences. It's found inrepparttar 129370 Tool menu.

Use Tenses Consistently Changing tenses through a document is a common mistake. Decide which tense you want to write in, then stick to it. "Tense" refers torepparttar 129371 past, present, or future.

Past Tense: We did it this way. Present Tense: We do it this way. Future Tense: We will do it this way.

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