Do You Really Want to Start a Cleaning Business?

Written by Gail Metcalf

Have you ever started something that you wished you had not? Starting a cleaning business can turn out to be a disappointment like that if you haven't done your research and planning.

And what better business to get into than cleaning? You can start with little or even no expense and build as large as you want to take it. The best part is, there is a never-ending supply of customers waiting for you.

Many people get into a cleaning venture as a way to bring in extra income on a part-time basis. This type of business is not hard to start and you can usually begin with your family and friends as your first customers.

For those of you that have already started this way, there are several ways to takerepparttar business you now have and generate even more income. You can use add-on services like windows cleaning; allowing you to charge extra forrepparttar 144832 windows inrepparttar 144833 whole house.

And there are also people that have done this and now want to take it torepparttar 144834 next level. If you're one of those interested in saying good-bye to your corporate job and hello to your own business, there are specific steps you need to accomplish in getting your cleaing business built.

Starting any business (or even expanding) requires some investigating on your part. You may currently have a full-time job in a different or related field, you may be a professional cleaner working for someone else or you may have a one or two-person cleaning business and want to expand.

There are many different kinds of cleaning companies that provide general cleaning, to very specialized service:

1. Residential House Cleaning 2. Janitorial Services 3. Window Cleaning Services 4. Construction Cleanup 5. Organizational Services 6. Carpet Cleaning 7. Computer Cleaning 8. Dryer Clean-Outs

Why Link Exchanges are Dead-and What the New Move in Free Traffic Is...

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

It's no secret-link exchanges are dying a painful death. And why you ask? Since March 2005repparttar new Google algorythm has become very very picky aboutrepparttar 144831 quality, quantity and frequency of incoming links to your website. It now considers reciprocal linking to be, in fashion terms; OUT!

So what can you do to get legitimate incoming links to your website to maintain your traffic? The new wave in link building is content exchanges. It is fairly simple, just submit your written articles to article directories and webmasters looking for content.

You've probably heard of "writing articles" for free traffic before, so why is it calledrepparttar 144832 "new wave" in free traffic? Glad you asked, let me elaborate. A couple of years ago an internet marketing Guru named Jim Edwards wrote an ebook titled "Turn Words in to Traffic". In this ebook Jim explained how to write and distribute articles asrepparttar 144833 ideal way to get free incoming links to your website.

Many big (and little) name webmasters jumped onrepparttar 144834 band wagon and started to implement Jim's techniques and seerepparttar 144835 results. But after a time, even thoughrepparttar 144836 concept and results reaminedrepparttar 144837 same, many webmasters abandoned writing and distributing articles for two reasons.

First, some people just can't or hate to write. And second, it is very tedious and time consuming to go around torepparttar 144838 40+ article and ezine content banks and manually submit your articles to each site each time you write an article.

So whyrepparttar 144839 comeback? Many webmasters who previously didn't want to write articles have discovered either HOW to write articles, or they've hired out their article writing at about $10.00 per article to ghost writers at sites like They recognizedrepparttar 144840 power of distributing articles and simply out sourced it.

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