Do You Really Know Your Prospect?

Written by Lisa Packer

Iíd like to introduce you to someone. I donít actually know his name, but Iím hoping you do. Iím hoping you know quite a bit about him.

Heís your target customer Ėrepparttar person most likely to buy what you have to offer. He isrepparttar 145612 person responsible for your paycheck. He pays your rent and feeds your kids. Or at least, he will, once you convince him to buy from you.

But to convince him, you have to know him. Intimately.

I know, I know Ė this is elementary stuff. Marketing 101. But youíd be amazed how many people are in business without a clue about who theyíre selling to. Even if you have a pretty good idea about what makes Mr. Prospect tick, you could stand to learn more.

Becauserepparttar 145613 better you know him,repparttar 145614 better you know how to sell to him.

Dig deep. Get way down into his psyche. What are his core beliefs? What are his fears? What keeps him awake at night? What kind of person does he really want to be? (That one is actually far more important than who he actually is. Can your product or service help him be that person?)

Do you know what Mr. Prospect does with his spare time? If heís online, what newsletters does he subscribe to, or what forums does he hang out in?

How To Write Headlines That Grab Your Prospect's Attention

Written by Lisa Packer

It doesnít matter if youíre writing an article, a newspaper or magazine ad, a web page, or even a Yellow Page ad. If it has a headline, that headline isrepparttar most important component ofrepparttar 145611 entire package. Waste it, and youíve wasted your time.

Your headline is like an ad for your ad. It is responsible for gettingrepparttar 145612 attention of your prospect and enticing her to read what you have to say. If it succeeds, your marketing has a chance. If it fails, your marketing is over before it ever began.

So how do you create that heart-stopping headline? First off, thereís one thing you donít do: Use your company name all by itself. Youíve got one shot at grabbing your prospect, and shouting your own name at her isnít going to do it.

Think about it: as a living, breathing member ofrepparttar 145613 human race, your prospect listens to one radio station: WIIFM (Whatís In It For Me?) Until you answer that question with a benefit that reaches down to her very core, your name just doesnít matter to her.

Startrepparttar 145614 conversation where your prospect lives. Get her attention by putting a knockout benefit in your headline, something you know sheíll respond to. Make a list ofrepparttar 145615 benefits (not features) of your product or service, and userepparttar 145616 very best one (your USP if you can). Donít try to start small and build in intensity because unless you grab her, your prospect wonít stick around to find out whatís next.

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