Do You Make These Horse Training Mistakes Loading Your Horse Into A Trailer?

Written by Andy Curry

Mistake #1:

"Here, Kitty Kitty..."

Unless they have been educated, new horse owners often think a horse is like a cat or dog. They figure if they tap their thighs and say, "C'mon,...C'mon,...C'mon..."repparttar horse'll will simply jump right inrepparttar 125796 trailer like a happy dog or cat.

Mistake #2:

"Using Food As Bait"

Putting hay, grain, apples, or whatever atrepparttar 125797 front ofrepparttar 125798 trailer to tempt a horse to step in and eat almost never works. If it did, it would be a fluke. I've seen horses lean forward to try and eatrepparttar 125799 food but wouldn't step intorepparttar 125800 trailer if their life depended on it.

Mistake #3:

"Forgetting To Hook The Trailer To The Truck"

Don't forget to hitchrepparttar 125801 trailer torepparttar 125802 truck before getting a horse to go inrepparttar 125803 trailer. If a horse steps into a trailer that moves around unforgivably, you will have a harder time getting that horse in later. He'll remember it - especially if this isrepparttar 125804 horse's first time.

Mistake #4:

"The Classic Tug Of War"

Here'srepparttar 125805 scene. Man (or woman) pulls lead rope to desperately drag their horse intorepparttar 125806 trailer. Horse weighs 10 times more than man or woman and has far more strength thanrepparttar 125807 man or woman. Final score of this battle is: Human - Zero...Horse - Won

Mistake #5:

"Going Trail Riding Before Horse Is Good At Loading In A Trailer"

I've seen it time and time again. People go trail riding and whenrepparttar 125808 ride is overrepparttar 125809 horse won't get back inrepparttar 125810 trailer. Amusingly,repparttar 125811 horse owner comments, "Dang horse, he got in their last month". Remember to get your horse to practice this so it gets fixed on his brain.

It seems there will always be at least once a horse owner cannot load his horse into a trailer. Butrepparttar 125812 secret is to teach a horse sending signals so he knows what you want him to do. It's partly how man and horse communicate.

The Top 7 Mistakes Horse Owners Make

Written by Andy Curry

Mistake #7 Ė Assuming You Can Get On Any Horse And Simply Ride Not all horses arerepparttar same. Some you can get on and easily ride. Some are so green that you could be easily injured if you have little or no riding experience. The ones easy to ride are typically older horses. They have been riddenrepparttar 125795 most and will berepparttar 125796 most forgiving of a beginning riderís mistakes. The younger horses will berepparttar 125797 hardest to ride unless they have been thoroughly broke.

Mistake #6 Ė Assuming A Horse Trainerís Technique Is The Only Way To Train A Horse When novice horse owners begin to experience problems with their horse, they go looking for answers. The first place they look is in books. Whenrepparttar 125798 author ofrepparttar 125799 book explains a training technique,repparttar 125800 reader assumes thatís how itís done by everyone. But when they canít train their horse with that technique, they assume a dumb or untrainable horse. What novice horse owners need to know is that there are typically lots of ways to train a horse to do one thing. If you try something and it doesnít work, try something else.

Mistake #5 Ė Not Riding A Horse Enough New horse owners experience problems with horses not becauserepparttar 125801 horse suddenly went sour, but because they donít ride their horses enough. Aboutrepparttar 125802 best thing you can do to have a good horse is to ride it and ride it and ride it. Donít ride him just once every couple weeks. Horses need to ridden a lot to make them a good riding horse.

Mistake #4 Ė Thinking A Problem With The Horse Is The Horseís Fault Although a horse may have some problems, they are typically a result ofrepparttar 125803 horseís owner. There are rarely horse problems Ė itís more likely there are problem riders. For instance, if you canít get your horse to ride away from home (this is called ďBarn SourĒ) itís likely because you donít have control over him. You can establish control with various techniques such as Doubling.

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