Do You Make REGULAR Backups?

Written by John Evans

"Do You Make REGULAR Backups? If You Don't... It Could Cost You" copyright 2002 John Evans

One ofrepparttar very basic computer 'rules' is to always make backup copies of your important files.

That is not only good advice, it's extremely essential.

You've probably heardrepparttar 107872 saying that it's not IF your hard drive will crash, but WHEN!

But crashing is notrepparttar 107873 only way to lose files. What about accidently deleting files, and then emptyingrepparttar 107874 Recyle Bin?

Suppose you wanted to deleterepparttar 107875 files on a floppy in your 'A' drive. Also suppose that you forgot to switch torepparttar 107876 'A' drive before you hit "delete." I hate to admit it, but I've done this TWICE. (Some of us learnrepparttar 107877 hard way.) So, I lost everything onrepparttar 107878 hard drive.


Then, of course, I had to reinstall Windows, and find allrepparttar 107879 floppies that contained my backup files, and reinstall everything. Very time-consuming.

It wasn't too bad at that time, because I had just started fooling around with computers, and didn't have much on mine. Hadn't even signed up for an online service, yet.

But what if my online business had been up and running at that time, and I had no backups...?

The second time this happened, I did have backups, but they were on 1.44mb floppies. A LOT of 1.44mb floppies.

Computer Running Slow?...Here's One Reason

Written by John Evans

"Computer Running Slow?...Here's One Reason!" copyright 2001-02 John Evans

Justrepparttar other day, my computer started running a little slow. Kind of puzzled me. And I put up with it for a while.

But then it got a little irritating. While trying to surfrepparttar 107871 web, I noticed that web pages were taking much too long to load. This is always an irritant. And, Internet Explorer was also taking its time coming up.

Now, I'm no novice onrepparttar 107872 computer, but, sometimes we humans can get a 'lapse of memory'. Anyway, that's my excuse for forgetting one ofrepparttar 107873 basics of computing; and that is thatrepparttar 107874 computer uses up SYSTEM RESOURCES.

Every program onrepparttar 107875 computer, including icons, uses some SYSTEM RESOURCES.

Whenever a program is started, it loads into your computer's memory. Memory is a resource. Some programs will releaserepparttar 107876 memory it was using, when you quitrepparttar 107877 program, and some will not. So, part of a resource is not being made available to you. Get enough of these, and guess what? Slow Downs! Hang-ups (freezes).

I'm not an expert onrepparttar 107878 subject, but I did a little experimenting with this. Here's what I found (remember, this is only my computer, and yours may vary): After about 3 hours of operation, I checked my available resources; down to 58% free. So, fromrepparttar 107879 right-hand end of my taskbar, I exitedrepparttar 107880 Resource Meter;free resources now up to 60%. Exitedrepparttar 107881 Pop-Up Stopper; 63% free. Closed Windows Help; 64% free. Closed Windows Explorer; 66% free. Exited Download Accelerator; 71% free.

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