Do You Know Your ABC'S?

Written by John Colanzi

If you've been in business for any period of time, I'm sure you've heard ofrepparttar KISS Formula andrepparttar 127312 AIDA Formula. I'm not sure you've heard ofrepparttar 127313 ABC formula.

I have a daily study plan and I don't remember it being mentioned in anything I've read online.

So what isrepparttar 127314 ABC Formula?

A. Always

B. Be

C. Closing

ABC isrepparttar 127315 reason for every move you make. If it's not, it should be.

The old saying is still true. Nothing happens until something is sold.

The internet is like one giant chess board. Every move you make, whether it's a lowly pawn or your powerful queen is designed to move you closer to checkmate.

"Activate Buying Frenzies With Your Sale Letters Using 4 Types Of Sales Metaphors"

Written by Mike Jezek

Imagine you creating sales letters full of life and persuasion, and harnessing that persuasion power to create more sales for your business. Sounds good doesn't it? Well in this intriguing article you're going to get a briefing on how to create metaphors that boost your persuasion power in your sales messages. As you know, a metaphor, in a nutshell, is simply a word picture. Essentially it helps to carry your point across in another angle that your audience may be able to better understand. Following is a brief discussion of 4 metaphors you can use immediately: Physical Action Metaphors. -- Use physical words or phrases to paint word pictures depicting a physical action.

Example: "You don't build any cash value with term insurance." Or... "You're burning up money every year with term insurance." Or... "Avoidrepparttar sting ofrepparttar 127311 IRS's whip by... " Other Sales Metaphors. -- This metaphor lowers sales resistance by reminding prospects that buying your product is just like buying a product they are already familiar with. Example: "Buying this software is just like buying a video game for your son." Or... "As you place your purchase for this video course, it's no different than buying a series of exercise videos." Competition Metaphors. -- This sales metaphor is used to gently demonstrate your superiority over your competitors. Example: "They said that about us? Well, I guess everyone wants to take a shot atrepparttar 127312 fastest gun inrepparttar 127313 West. Everyone wants to challengerepparttar 127314 top dog, even if they're only a little puppy, right?"

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