Do You Know What a Didgeridoo is?

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Do you know what a didgeridoo is? There are so many things in this life that are unknown to us. I bet you could find out about something outside your normal sphere of vision and experience everyday forrepparttar rest of your life and still not get close to knowing about everything out there. Not to mentionrepparttar 116203 number of things we donít know about our own internal selves-physical, emotional, spiritual and mental realities that are still unaware to us. Thatís another story however, letís stick torepparttar 116204 external in this article.

I playrepparttar 116205 didgeridoo. Itís a sacred Australian Aborigine instrument, arguably one ofrepparttar 116206 oldest instruments in humankindís long history. If you type didgeridoo into your search engine you will see hundreds of sites about this thing that youíve never even heard of. You donít know how many people Iíve mentioned it to aroundrepparttar 116207 world that never have even heardrepparttar 116208 word. One site I found to be quite thorough and useful was:

This retail site explains in detail how a didgeridoo is made (it is a termite-hollowed branch or tree trunk), how to chooserepparttar 116209 right one for you, and of course instruction on how to play. It explains how to recognize a quality piece and they say that they can even custom make one to your desires. Each didj has a key or root note, and they can be made of several types of wood, some better than others. Placed onrepparttar 116210 mouthpiece is beeís wax which makes for an airtight seal againstrepparttar 116211 face as well as protecting oneís mouth from getting cut by sharp edges.

To give you an idea ofrepparttar 116212 incredible feat it was forrepparttar 116213 first Aborigines to make this music 40-60,000 years ago Iíll give you a perspective on how it is played. You place your mouth inrepparttar 116214 whole atrepparttar 116215 top ofrepparttar 116216 hollowed wood uponrepparttar 116217 bees wax coating. Then you vibrate your lips againstrepparttar 116218 edge ofrepparttar 116219 wood, filling your cheeks with air atrepparttar 116220 same time to keeprepparttar 116221 sound constant. The sound never stops and this is because you circular breathe-in throughrepparttar 116222 nose and out through your mouth atrepparttar 116223 same time. Sounds difficult, and it is for some like myself, it took me 9 months to get my mind around it. A friend of mine however did it in a couple of days, and babies breathe this way naturally! Pretty cool.

Attract birds to your yard with Bird Feeders

Written by Johann Erickson

Bird feeders are a great way to add some visual interest to your yard or patio. Not only do bird feeders add color and a finishing touch to your outdoor decor, but they are a source of relaxing entertainment as well.

There are bird feeders available in every style, from elegant to country, from natural to whimsical. A bird feeder is a simple way to set a mood in your yard or to complement an ongoing theme. The variety of bird feeders available is nearly endless.

To decide which style of bird feeder is right for you, first consider what type of birds you want to attract, and then what style would complement your yard or patio. For a formal garden you may want to choose a simple but elegant copper design, but for a country garden you may want a whimsical design with bright colors.

There are also several attractive

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