Do You Know What Your Customers Think About You?

Written by Andrew Lanciani

Whether you offer products or services, you may find yourself wondering what your customers or subscribers think about your offering and how you can improve it.

Below are just a few ofrepparttar questions you can get answered about your product or service by simply surveying your customers. -What do they like and not like about it? -What do they think about potential new features? -Who are your customers? -How much are they willing to pay (or how much more would they pay) for your product or service? If you have a Web site, you may also have specific questions about it as well. -What do your visitors like and not like about your site? -Why are they visiting your Web site, but not purchasing? -What does your average visitor look like, e.g., demographics, online usage, or online purchasing? -Why do your visitors come to your site, and what are they looking for? -Is your site meeting your visitors' needs? -What other services should you add to your site? -How does your site rate on attributes that are most important to your visitors?

As an example, when I first started marketing my service, I asked my site visitors what they were looking for when they came to my site. I found that I was delivering my service in a way that wasrepparttar 131856 exact opposite of what they desired. Consequently, I completely transformed my offering and began delivering my service to satisfy my target.

Once you decide which questions you would like to ask, you are ready to create your survey. Many survey creation options are available, spanning from do-it-yourself services to hiring someone else to carry outrepparttar 131857 entire process. Take some time to decide onrepparttar 131858 many options and choose those that work best for your purpose and budget.

Once your survey is complete, select a method to collect responses. Several methods can be used, and each can be accomplished quickly and easily if you userepparttar 131859 right tools.

1.Survey via email.

Top Ten Ways to Bring Repeat Visitors Back to your Web Site

Written by Judy Cullins

Bring those visitors back for more, applauding you and saying BRAVO! They will create a buzz about your great site, bookmark it, and send you many new visitors. These visitors are your personal marketing force. Give them reasons to return!

Like myself, you other non-techies may not have heard of what a "sticky" Web site is (it isrepparttar stuff that lures visitors back again and again). We know we want that!

Forget getting torepparttar 131854 top ofrepparttar 131855 search engines. Let your Webmaster do that. Instead, try out some of these low- maintenance ways to bring 'em back to your Web site for more.

1.Upload new, original, and useful content often. Your Web site is not a brochure. Blatant ads such as banners turn visitors off. Give them information they can't find anywhere else-and give it free. People want and need how to's. Always think benefits when you post some new article. Helping your visitors get what they want will bring you respect and trust as an expert, and eventually, profit, from your book and other products.

2. Update your Web site content regularly and often, perhaps daily or weekly. If someone visits your site and finds nothing new, they will disappear into cyberspace and spend their time on other sites. If you don't want to write articles, place other people's articles up from ezines or Web sites, a list, or a short tip. Keeprepparttar 131856 pieces under 800 words. Common lengths are anywhere from 75-400 words, which could be excerpts from your book.

3. Publish your own ezine. Target it to your specific audience. Make it short and sweet. Start with a monthly, then see if you can do it bi-weekly. If you don't stay in regular touch with your possible buyers, they will forget you and your book's message. People want to know you better, so they can trust you and think of you as a savvy friend in their corner.

Your free information, tips and resources will keep them as subscribers. If they like your eMag, they will recommend it to others. The opt-in eNewsletter tops all other ways to drive traffic to your site, and it can be mass mailed free, too. Check out

4. Include a recommending service on your site. Your repeat visitors create new traffic. Check out It's free, fast, and versatile. Each time someone recommends your site, they are entered in a contest to win a Palm V reading device.

5. Host a forum on your site where people can interact fully and you can share your knowledge and offer suggestions. It's a great way to help others and get these people visiting your site often because they want to know you as a real person.

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